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Why Build a New Leading Edge TMS?

Why did Ravi Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Axele and its parent company Optym, launch a new leading edge TMS?

“We decided to launch Axele to bring the latest optimization technology to the full truckload carrier industry and make a large impact on this sector, which carries more freight than all other sectors combined,” Ahuja explained.

Ahuja founded Optym in 2000 to apply Transportation Optimization technology to solving real-world business problems. When asked why he transitioned from a successful academic career to the role of entrepreneur, he said he felt that the research he was doing had little societal impact.

“99.9% of research doesn’t see the light of day,” he said. “You can’t change the industry from academia, as you’re an outsider. You need to be within, fully immersed in the industry, to make the change happen.”

After Ahuja founded Optym, the company began successfully building smart solutions for railroads, airlines and the less-than-truckload industry. The company’s optimization technology matured through decades of research and development for clients including major airlines and railroads.

Ahuja and his team took three distinctive capabilities developed through that research and development, Smart Trip Planning, Smart Load Selection, and Smart Driver Selection, and used them as a basis for Axele’s intelligent TMS system. These capabilities allow Axele users to find better loads automatically, assign the best drivers to loads using HOS data, and improve the overall profitability of their businesses.

What Differentiates Axele as a Leading Edge TMS?

When asked what differentiates Axele from other transportation management systems, Ahuja explained, “If we truly want to help full truckload carriers, we need to bring a one-stop solution to all of their day-to-day operations — one system that brings all the data at one place, automates their repetitive tasks and assists them in finding more profitable loads so that their drivers make more money.

“Current TMS in the industry are not coming close to meeting this need,” said Ahuja. “They are glorified spreadsheets and do mere bookkeeping. They do not have intelligence. They do not meet their carriers’ growing needs.

“Axele has a much grander vision than existing transportation management systems,” Ahuja explained. He said that Axele is different in three key aspects which none of the other TMS providers currently offer:

  • By working with strategic partners, Axele will bring a one-stop solution to carriers – a solution which brings all the data, features and functionalities needed by a carrier to run its business. A carrier only needs this one all-encompassing solution and nothing else.
  • Axele automates day-to-day repetitive tasks performed by a carrier. Thus, a carrier will need fewer manpower resources to run its business.
  • Axele uses “smarts” to improve matching of drivers to loads. Using Axele’s Smart Trip Planning, Smart Load Selection and Smart Driver Selection, a carrier can find better loads and increase its profitability.

How is Axele Able to Select the Best Loads?

Ahuja explained that finding the best loads for a driver requires a lot of number-crunching; it requires the system to consider potentially thousands of loads in multiple load boards and to insert each of these loads in the driver’s route, assessing whether this load can be carried by the driver and, if yes, what will be the revenue per mile or revenue per day for the driver. Then, based on all those factors, the system must select the best loads to present to carriers.

“A TMS needs to be architected for this level of high-performance computation,” he explained. “Most legacy TMS in the market aren’t architected for these types of computations to be done for lots of drivers and lots of loads within seconds. They just can’t do that.

“Axele’s architecture is designed for this type of optimization and as a result has a significant advantage over other TMS systems in the market.”

Do Users Agree?

Axele’s users agree that it is a leading edge TMS. While still new, its user base is growing quickly, and users sing its praises:

“Finds the best loads fast. It takes no time, because it’s automatically populated for you instantly.​​​​” 

− Marco Harris, Success Logistics

“Not only can I take on more loads, I can manage the business better.”

− Carlos Waldo, Joined as One

“It took all the responsibilities I had and cut them by more than half. Everything I need is there to make sure everything’s getting done.” – Sami Deschamps, South Coast Carriers

Another difference between Axele and most other TMS systems is the free trial offer, allowing carriers to try the system free for 30 days and see if it meets their needs. No obligation, no credit card required up front.

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