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When You Need Fast Carrier TMS Customer Support

When you’re researching carrier TMS software, one factor you may not think of immediately is customer support.

Suppose your boss announces you’re changing factoring companies, but you’ve just finished integrating your TMS with the old factoring company? Then you can’t get anyone from customer support at your TMS to call you back. Don’t you hate that feeling?

That’s why you need good, fast customer support.

Changes will almost inevitably happen in your organization. What’s important is to make sure you have customer support that will be there when you need them, will respond quickly, and be able to resolve your issue quickly.

How Axele TMS customer support compares

One of our customers, Ashley Pierce of Avalon National, told us about her experience with Axele customer support:

“We switched ELDs,” Ashley explained. “We’re switching over to JJ Keller, and I said, ‘This sucks because I have my old provider in there, and my JJ Keller guys weren’t in there.’ Four days later the Axele Customer Support team had that fixed, and I was API integrating my JJ Keller guys into there.

For comparison, she said she has another program that “it’s been almost five weeks, and they still keep telling me, ‘We don’t know. We don’t know how to fix it.’ And I’m like…?”

Fastest carrier TMS customer support around

When you have a question about Axele, you’ll get an answer fast: Within hours, not days. Axele’s average first response time is 6 minutes, 47 seconds. You read that right: You’ll get a response from customer service in minutes. Then they’ll get to work on your question even faster: The average time until an issue is assigned to a customer support rep? 6 minutes, 7 seconds.

Isn’t that the kind of carrier TMS customer support you deserve? Why give yourself headaches with customer support that doesn’t serve you?

Find out how good customer support feels for yourself—try Axele free for 30 days, no credit card required.

Try Axele Free

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