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What’s Killing Independent Trucking?

What’s killing independent trucking? And what can save it?

These are questions that many in the industry are asking, so we took a closer look at the subject in our new infographic.

What's Killing Independent Trucking?

In this graphic, you’ll see facts about:

  • Who is getting the contracts
  • How much revenue is lost annually by small carriers
  • What recent industry pressures are hitting small, for-hire truckload carrier profitability
  • How productivity is handicapping small carriers, where owners and management are too busy running loads to run their business efficiently

What Can Save Independent Trucking?

And importantly, read about what can save independent trucking:

  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence

You’ll see how these approaches have improved average revenue per day by more than 20%, Increased average operating  income per day by more than 100%, and increased average loaded miles per load by more than 13%. And you’ll learn how optimization reduces deadheads and offers up the most profitable loads.

Well-designed technology is not difficult to use and improves productivity. With an optimized Transportation Management System, the smallest carriers can:

  • Leverage optimal carrier load pricing
  • Analyze vast numbers of available loads to identify the best opportunities
  • Comply with HOS regulations while maximizing revenue
  • Take a seat within a robust community of carriers and shippers
  • Gain buying power and get access to discounts large carriers enjoy

Download the infographic today to get all the facts and learn how you can protect your independent trucking business.

Axele is the optimized Transportation Management System that can help you accomplish all of this and more. Axele is connected to Load Boards, ELDs, Market Rates and everything else you need to easily run your trucking business. It will automate most of your day-to-day functions so that you can run your day-to-day operations with fewer people, or free you up to grow your business. Axele optimizes matching drivers with loads to reduce deadheads and recommends the loads that make you the most money.

Find out more today.

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