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Trucking regulators

[Webinar] What to Expect from Trucking Regulators in 2022

2021 has been a relatively slow year for trucking regulators as they transition from one presidential administration to the next. Will 2022 be the same?

Among the targets of the FMCSA’s 2022 funding strategy, according to a FreightWaves article earlier this year, will be programs set up to address large truck crashes, whereby, according to the proposal, the agency will:

  • Work with state partners to implement model minimum uniform crash criteria, vastly improving consistency, quality, and quantity of reported CMV crash data.
  • Update, for the expeditious exchange of critical roadside inspection data, the technology used by FMCSA and state partners for roadside inspections on large trucks, buses and drivers.
  • Enhance the current safety measurement system for more comprehensive identification of at-risk carriers.

Will this be implemented in 2022, or delayed as the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule was? The ELDT was rescheduled to take effect in February 2022, pushed out two years from February 2020. The FMCSA has affirmed the ELDT will be fully implemented in FY2022.

Trucking regulators seeking “transportation equity”

Secretary Buttigieg also signaled in his proposal that addressing “transportation equity” in commercial trucking could mean more attention paid to small-business truckers:

“FMCSA remains positioned to work with stakeholders to identify regulatory inequities and explore alternatives to support the adoption of short- and long-term solutions. A typical rulemaking can take about two years to complete for cases in which the agency identifies regulatory requirements that have a disproportionate impact on small businesses and socially or economically disadvantaged communities.”

In this webinar, our presenter will review what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has accomplished to date and what we can expect for 2022 and beyond, including:

  • The latest and future action on drug testing and the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
  • What’s happening on Capitol Hill and how it will impact trucking
  • What’s officially on FMCSA’s Agenda
  • Other agencies’ priorities
  • The latest trends in law enforcement
  • And more.

Our expert speaker will cover both what’s on the official agenda as well as try to ‘read the tea leaves’ to determine what other initiatives from trucking regulators may impact your business.  Don’t miss this important update—register now!

November 18 – 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM Pacific

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About Your Speaker

P. Sean Garney

P. Sean Garney
Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

​​​​​​Sean Garney uses his deep industry knowledge and experience to deliver an array of services for STC.  He has held roles as a dock worker, load scheduler, freight broker, and industry advocate.  Prior to joining STC, Garney worked for NIC Federal, the government contractor that operates FMCSA’s pre-employment screening program, where Garney collaborated with trucking industry stakeholders to advance information technology priorities.

Prior to that, Garney served as Director of Safety Policy for the American Trucking Associations (ATA). During his ten years at ATA, he worked to improve federal rules and programs, advance legislation focused on motor carrier safety, and helped reduce carrier compliance costs. He has served as an industry expert on topics ranging from House of Service, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), and the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability program, among others.

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