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Vendor Comparison

Vendor Comparison: How to Find the Right TMS

What is a vendor comparison for? Whether you’re looking for a better transportation management system (TMS) than the one you have or you’re looking for your first TMS, a vendor comparison is a good way to see how different options measure up to your needs.

A good vendor comparison will compare leading systems on both basic as well as leading edge capabilities. Leading edge requirements can include such features as:

  • Finding the most profitable loads automatically
  • Planning trips based on HOS availability
  • Being budget-friendly with a free trial
  • Utilizing automation and optimization to improve your profitability
  • Offering a driver mobile app
  • Integrating with QuickBooks
  • Providing live dispatch management
  • Being designed for small and mid-sized carriers
  • Requiring no up-front fees, no setup fees, no training fees, no maintenance fees
  • And more

Why should a good vendor comparison cover these leading edge capabilities?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider these features:

Finds Most Profitable Loads Automatically – With leading-edge optimization technology, it’s now possible for a TMS system to automatically find the most profitable loads for your company from multiple load boards and identify which drivers are best suited for each trip. This feature saves you hours, improves your bottom line and increases driver satisfaction as well as driver income.

HOS-Based Trip Planning – By automatically planning trips based on HOS-available drivers, you can reduce stress on your drivers and improve your customer service, in addition to avoiding penalties. Don’t rely on manual tracking—new, improved systems calculate this automatically for you.

Budget-Friendly with Free Trial – Small and mid-sized carriers can’t afford the thousands of dollars charged for some TMS systems, and why spend that money when there are now excellent systems available at budget-friendly prices? And testing a system with a free trial to make sure it meets your needs is just good business.

Automation and Optimization – Automation and optimization allow you to eliminate hours spent on day-to-day tasks, accomplish more with the same staff, and devote time to growing your business.

Driver Mobile App – A driver mobile app lets your drivers stay in control of their trips, improves driver satisfaction, increases productivity, and improves communications between the office and your drivers.

Live Dispatch Management – A necessity in today’s busy marketplace, live dispatch management allows you to quickly route and reroute your vehicles without losing a beat.

One Day On-Boarding Process – You and your team don’t have time for a lengthy training process. Your TMS should accommodate you with an easy, one-day on-boarding process that makes sure you’re up and running quickly.

Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Carriers – Many TMS systems were designed for brokers and shippers, not carriers. Plus, many were designed for larger companies and are now marketed to small and mid-sized carriers without actually meeting their needs in features, pricing and customer service. Why not choose a system that was designed to meet your needs specifically?

No Upfront Fees, No Setup Fees, No Training Fees, No Maintenance Fees – Additional fees add up in a hurry, and those extra charges cut into your bottom line. Choose a TMS system that’s straightforward in its pricing and doesn’t include extra or hidden charges.

Quote Evaluation – Being able to quickly evaluate whether you can run a load profitably saves you hours, but many TMS systems don’t have that capability and require you to use a spreadsheet. Get a system that automates this vital calculation.

Compare these features and more with our new TMS Vendor Comparison, free for the taking. See how Axele compares to your current system.

Vendor Comparison

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