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Truckload Carriers TMS

Truckload Carriers TMS: Meeting Your Unique Needs

A truckload carriers TMS must meet unique needs. For this group, an ideal transportation management system, or TMS, “understands” how they—and their truck drivers—actually work.

But many TMSs are built for shippers—not built to meet the needs of the 67% of truckload carrier firms with <20 trucks that are still managing using spreadsheets.

Suppose it’s time to take your game to the next level. Why not look at an affordable TMS that uses a proprietary optimization engine, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning so you can create your unique real-world optimization plan?

A truckload carriers TMS designed just for your needs

Axele has carefully designed features and benefits to help truckload carriers efficiently manage loads.

  • Smart load matching lets you evaluate each driver, look at the load detail, view the driver location relative to the load, and incorporate hours of service (HOS) data to view a load’s profit. Axele TMS considers thousands of potential shipments from load boards, insert these into the driver’s route, assesses whether the driver can transport this load, and calculates the driver’s per-mile or per-day revenue.
  • Smart trip planning generates trip plans for drivers that meet HOS restrictions and provide more precise arrival times. The Axele TMS develops the driver’s hour-by-hour plan. It factors in available work hours, pick-up and delivery time windows, travel times, fuel stops, rest stops, and weigh stations, adjusting the trip plan and estimated arrival time automatically as the driver moves along their route.
  • Smart driver selection matches the best drivers to loads using HOS data. For example, if a driver has operated for 11 hours a day, they cannot take another trip that day and must rest for at least 8 hours. But if your load requires them to drive 6 hours, then realistically, they have an additional 5 hours of driving they can do for the day. Do you have another load they can pick up and complete before the driver reaches their HOS limits?

An intelligent TMS designed for truckload carriers

The Axele truckload carriers TMS helps your business run smoothly.

Centralized load management lets you efficiently manage every stage of the load lifecycle, from confirmation to dispatch, collecting critical documents, invoicing, and settling load payments to drivers.

And Axele minimizes data entry, automating load creation by pulling information from load boards, converting a quote to a load, or duplicating a load. A live dispatch board increases productivity, as do features like smart tracking of driver schedules that let you monitor all your drivers’ schedules in one place to find out which drivers will be available when and where.

Lastly, Axele’s market intelligence (covering market demand and lane rates) ensures you negotiate better rates with brokers. And smart quote evaluation removes the guesswork from any potential load, so you quickly evaluate the load’s value to you, factoring in revenue, cost, deadhead miles, and ETAs.

The Axele TMS provides a mile-long, inch-deep focus on truckload carriers, helping them find the most profitable loads. While many TMSs focus on shippers, the Axele TMS is designed specifically for truckload carriers. It works like they work. Find out more at www.axele.com.

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