Transform Your Trucking Business: The Best Software for a Small Trucking Company

If you’re new to understanding how to choose the best software for a small trucking company and today’s transportation management system (TMS), you’ll want to start with the basics.

TMS software plans and executes the physical movement of goods across the supply chain. A more advanced TMS also brings shipment automation and visibility, helps organize functions, and compiles data for use in future shipments and operations.

Software providers designed many TMS systems for brokers and shippers, not for small and mid-sized carriers.

But there are many benefits to using a TMS designed to be the best software for a small trucking company: Improved cash flow, integrated planning and execution, minimized paperwork, routing optimization, the ability to track drivers in route for a more efficient schedule, an improved customer experience, and repeat business and referrals.

How to tap into the TMS analytics and reporting that are transforming the industry

Today’s TMSs offer myriad ways to improve operations. How can you choose the best software for a small trucking company?

  • Start by understanding your current capabilities and systems.
  • Determine how much you’re willing to invest.
  • Choose your platform type (homegrown, on-premise, or cloud).
  • Identify your goals and desired benefits (time savings, bottom-line savings, top-line growth, integration with other systems).
  • (If you choose a TMS provider) Determine if their TMS will work for your modes and types of freight, expected time savings and ROI, the total cost of ownership, customization requirements, set-up time, and how the vendor manages updates.
  • Request references and ask what makes one TMS provider different from competitors.

Consider the TMS that provides the best software for a small trucking company

The best software for a small trucking company uses a powerful optimization engine to help you create route and load optimization plans that can satisfy multiple delivery constraints, save cost, and maximize your vehicles’ capacity. Your TMS will ideally offer an enhanced accuracy rate of monitoring and tracking, automated notifications for on-the-road events and state-of-the-art decision-support and reporting tools like charts, dashboards, and specialized maps to visualize shipping patterns. It will also enable you to share, mine and analyze the vital data your fleet generates daily and keep you on top of key performance indicators (KPIs).

How the Axele TMS saves you time and increases profits with the best software for a small trucking company

The Axele TMS is the best software for a small trucking company, designed to help you improve customer service and cash flow and:

  • Automate and optimize your business to locate the most profitable loads, eliminate hours spent on day-to-day tasks, integrate with QuickBooks, and grow your business.
  • Locate the most-profitable loads, using leading-edge optimization technology to access load boards and identify which drivers are best suited for each trip.
  • Use live dispatch management, so you quickly route and reroute your vehicles without losing a beat.
  • Make sure your drivers stick around, by offering a driver mobile app, simplified driver settlements, automated driver contact, and the ability to plan trips based on drivers’ hour-of-service (HOS) to reduce their stress and improve customer service.
  • Use ELD integrations, reporting, and dispatch operations to track total load expenses and net income and reduce paperwork, which speeds documentation processing to improve record-keeping and driver reconciliation.
  • Gain real-time visibility, based on the data from ELD, GPS, and telematics devices, which provides real-time truck location information, data on how well trucks and drivers are performing and can even help you develop a preventive maintenance schedule and reduce fuel consumption—critical in today’s high-cost fuel environment.
  • Gain reporting capabilities and dashboards that give insight into the status and health of your transportation operations, show performance KPIs like on-time performance, cost per mile, revenue per mile, delayed shipment status, on-time arrivals, miles per gallon, and more. You’ll gain visibility into asset utilization, service, costs, compliance, safety, and planned vs. actual performance.
  • Provide track and trace and accurate ETAs, an essential part of doing business,since customers now expect accurate, up-to-the-minute delivery information about in-transit goods and one late delivery can delay all scheduled deliveries within the day or even trigger drivers to engage in unsafe driving behaviors, with repair, legal, and medical repercussions.

Ready to compare these features and more with our free TMS Vendor Comparison and learn more about our Axele One Day On-Boarding Process? See how Axele compares to your current system. Axele has no up-front fees, no set-up fees, no training fees, and no maintenance fees.

The Axele TMS is an intelligent TMS system for truckload carriers that provides a one-stop shop to run your transportation business. You can use the Axele TMS—the best software for a small trucking company–to automate processes, optimize operations, and find the most profitable loads. Contact Axele today.

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