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TMS Success Story: Koom Transport Gets Better Visibility

We love a good TMS success story, don’t you? Here’s a new one:

Founded January 1, 2021, Koom Transport was born from Djordje Savija’s efforts providing dispatching services to his dad and a buddy who were both long-time truck drivers.

Graduating from spreadsheets and unconnected systems gives Koom the ability to see metrics they were unable to see before without a huge effort.

“We have a better understanding of what’s happening in our business,” Savija said. “It’s nice to see the expected revenue, the loaded miles logged, the empty miles logged, and identify how you can improve the business.”

TMS Success Story: Axele Makes the Difference

Before Axele, Koom would send driver rate cards to their cell phones, manually process driver settlements and invoices, and tackle back-office tasks in weekly batches.

“With this TMS, I’m able to centralize everything and process paperwork instantly, effortlessly,” Savija said. “The most value to me as a smaller fleet is not having to go back and forth with the driver on what the fee is, since they can see it in their app,” Savija said. “With Axele, everybody stays on the same page.”

The driver component of Axele is a gamechanger for Koom Transport. “They click a button, they’re loaded, they departed, they uploaded documents – and we know the progress of their trips, without a bunch of calls,” Savija said. “Having all the information in real time and in one place also means I can share the status of the trip with brokers through a quick link,” Savija said.

For any truckload carrier to scale and grow, you can’t spend your days managing systems or working on manual tasks. For Koom Transport, adopting the Axele TMS armed Savija with the tools he needed to expand the operation.

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