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Success Stories

Axele is the industry's first intelligent TMS built specifically for truckload carriers. But don't take it from us. See what our clients have to say, and how we stack up against the competition.

"Axele took all the responsibilities I had and cut them by more than half.  Everything I need is there to make sure everything's getting done."

Sami DesChamps
South Coast Carriers

"Driver upload of documents means I can bill within hours of delivery and shorten our time to receive payment."

Amanda Schuier
Quality Transport

"Axele is more than just perfect. It makes my job easier and tells me exactly what is going on in my business"

John Ganiev
Dream Transportation

"Easy to use, innovative and comprehensive, Axele is the TMS I was waiting for. Axele makes my life and our drivers lives much easier"

Bogdan Bota
N&G Trucking Company

"Before Axele, I had to do a lot more deadheading to get good loads."

Marco Harris
Success Logistics

"The Axele mobile app Track & Trace is a wonderful feature."

Elliot Gillispie
TTB of Texas

"I can see what the driver has done, what he's averaged, what he's lost, and what he's gained. If your deadhead is getting too high, it tells you."

Carlos Waldo
Joined as One LLC

"When it comes to getting payroll in, it's been so much easier with Axele."

Ginger Booker
Ridez by Journey

Axele Overview

Axele is the first intelligent TMS designed specifically for truckload carriers. Learn how Axele helps you find better loads, increase profits, and grow your business.

Case Studies

Avalon National

When Ashley Pierce joined Avalon National as office manager and dispatcher, after just two days on the job, owner and president Ray Kaczarsaid, “You don’t need me. I’m going on the road.” “Oh, boy,” she thought. When Ray called to check on her the next day, Ashley had Avalon’s drivers completely booked out, rockin’ and rollin.’

Koom Transport

In a whirlwind four months, Koom went from nonexistent to a busy, streamlined, 3-truck carrier operation focused on not just running miles, but running the best, most profitable miles. A riff off the Yugoslavian word “kum” meaning “best man at a wedding and kid’s godfather,” Koom owner Djordje Savija knew he needed a “best TMS” to fuel growth.

Armor Freight

Publishing a mission statement is easy. Putting it into practice is something else. For Armor Freight, delivering top notch customer service and communication was a priority, but the inadequate and overpriced TMS solutions at the helm of Armor Freight’s operation were keeping that goal from becoming reality.

Quality Transport

When Amanda Schuier joined Quality Transport, she set out to analyze the carrier’s technology use and improve efficiencies. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the process improvements she was implementing were thrown a curve ball – now, they would need to accelerate the process, find new ways to stay competitive, and keep driver safe.

South Coast Carriers

Sami DesChamps was ready to roll up her sleeves to make the brand new hotshot trucking company, South Coast Carriers, a startup success – even if that meant engineering her own custom system to run it. Existing industry solutions seemed so complex and archaic, and to build a foundation for growth, DesChamps knew South Coast needed a progressive TMS.

Ridez by Journey

For Ginger Booker, understanding the world of trucking wasn’t the problem, as she’d been married to a driver for years. What kept Booker up at night was finding the right loads, managing the accounting, dispatching drivers, and keeping up with DOT regulations for her growing truckload fleet.

Success Logistics

What’s in a name? Everything, at least to Marco Harris. After running Success Logistics for nearly four years, Marco found himself with a wide variety of clients and a strong operation, but with margins tight, he needed an edge to increase profit and solidify success.

Joined as One

For Carlos Waldo, the greatest obstacle standing in the way of Joined as One’s growth was time. Time to find the right loads. Time to reconcile driver payments. Time to navigate all the manual tasks required to run a busy truckload carrier operation.

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