Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for Version 2.7/M 2.7

This release is composed of several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features!

  • Mapping and routing
    • Trimble MAPS is now our provider within the web app
    • PC Miler is now our provider for route calculations and the address search
  • ELD integrations
    • EROAD
      • Action required prior to login – click here for set up instructions
    • Verizon Connect/Fleetmatics
      • Action required prior to login – click here for set up instructions
  • Rate confirmation data extraction for
    • Logistics in Vision
    • Schneider
    • Covenant Transport Systems
    • Click here to learn about this timesaving autofill feature that streamlines load creation


  • Teams Module (update)
    • Load warning icons have returned to the Driver Dispatches and Loads pages to notify you of potential delays for the pickup/drop off, mismatched equipment on a load, and more
      • Learn about the warnings on the Driver Dispatches Gantt chart here
  • Terminal Module (update)
    • Validation rules to block deleting a terminal if active assets are assigned
    • Update the terminal on a load at any stage
    • Data import templates now include a terminal column to associate an asset to a terminal
    • Details of the terminal used now appear on the driver settlement PDF and the subject/body of the email
  • Factoring company integration – Apex (update)
    • Update an invoice already sent or send an additional document (actions within the gearbox on the invoice)
    • Disconnect a specific invoice from factoring – helpful if switching providers on invoice
  • Searching a location during load creation is more precise
  • Global search includes
    • Team drivers
    • Driver settlements
  • Emergency contact for drivers
    • Located in Assets > Drivers > select the driver
  • Alphabetical list sorting
    • Customers
    • Locations
  • Driver location
    • No longer considers a stop activity update as a source of a driver’s location (location only updated by the ELD, GPS, or manually)
  • Manual updating of a driver’s location and HOS
    • Update whenever needed
    • Shows the most recent location source (ELD, GPS, or manual)
  • Dashboard
    • Option to hide financial details from all Roles except “Admin”
    • Configure the Target Weekly Revenue
    • Options above are found in Settings > Preferences > Dashboard Preferences
  • Drivers and Users lists
    • Improved layout
  • Tractors and Trailers pages
    • Actions that were next to the Status moved into the gearbox of that row
    • Registration Plate # field allows for more characters
  • Users page
    • Actions that were next to the Status moved into the gearbox of that row
  • Financials tab of a load
    • Validation rules to improve data supported
  • Carrier and Terminal DOT # fields allow for more characters
  • Mobile app document management for In Progress, Pending, and Failed statuses
    • If In Progress, delete icon is disabled
    • If Pending or Failed, confirmation popup with actions is shown
  • Various additional improvements and stability fixes

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