Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.8 and 2.9/M 2.8 and 2.9

This release is composed of several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features!

  • ELD integration: M2M In Motion
  • Rate confirmation data extraction: Hazen Transfer and FLS Transportation Services
    • Click here to learn about this timesaving autofill feature that streamlines load creation
  • Fuel card import: Apex TCS


  • Split load
    • Can be split multiple times
    • Includes the Reference # on all loads following a split
    • Connection point date and time fields are now not mandatory – default values cover the dates and times of the entire load (no more manual calculation)
  • Driver payment includes flat rate per load
  • Driver ID is now editable (letters/numbers accepted)
  • Work week start day can be modified in Preferences to apply throughout application
  • Account Summary: global terminal filter applies to show income and expenses by terminal
  • Expenses
    • New fields for Fuel Card Provider and Fuel Card #
    • Fuel Type field supports IFTA and non-IFTA options
  • IFTA Center: 2021 Q1 rates available
  • Import Loads: supports military time format without the colon (hours/minutes) separator
  • Load stop activities autofill options in Preferences
    • None
    • Current date & time
    • Appointment date & time
  • Navigation improvements to return to previous pages
  • Invoices list has new views and a “Subject to Factoring” toggle to highlight factored invoices
    • General view
    • Factoring view (factoring actions button included)
  • Factoring invoices now support an option to add notes to the PDF
  • Invoices list shows the customer’s MC #
  • Driver’s Planned HOS now updates every 30 minutes
  • Additional filtering in Driver Settlements > Pending Payments to toggle between active and inactive drivers
  • Various additional improvements and stability fixes: ~150 bug fixes

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