Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.5 & 2.6/M 2.5.3

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

New Features!

  • Integration with Omnitracs, BigRoad, and TrackEnsure ELDs
    • Click here for an overview and set up instructions
  • Fuel card data import
    • Click here for an overview and instructions
  • Available loads data import
    • Bulk upload your single-stop loads (great for dedicated and contracted freight)
    • Click here for an overview and instructions


  • Factoring company integration – Apex (update)
    • If invoice line item has no description, description will be that pay item type
      • If invoice line item is Advance amount, description will be “Advance”
    • Clear error messages explaining if and why an invoice is not accepted
    • Integration status will show “Non-valid” if authentication failed (fetch customers, fetch funding accounts, send invoice)
    • Logic will only show factoring icon when factoring can be used
    • Only documents supported by Apex will be sent (PDF and images), all others will be ignored
  • Terminal module (update)
    • Filter now applies to Dashboard (weekly finance performance and operational summary), Driver Dispatches, Loads list, Invoices list, and QuickBooks (invoices)
    • IFTA restricted for Admins only
  • Expense module (update)
    • Filtering and sorting the list view with persistence (by date and category)
    • In Review and Reviewed statuses and quick filters
    • Fuel card data import
    • Remove default selection, “Fuel”, from the Create New Expense form
  • Dashboard (update)
    • View Actual and Projected data for the week
    • Split load revenue (IO/DO) calculation adjustment
  • Customer list export to Excel now includes address and MC #
  • Split loads
    • Easily edit each drivers revenue share percentage
  • Load cancellation workflow
    • Option to keep invoice line items
  • Emailing invoice tooltip
    • Explains the recipients expected to receive the invoice email
    • If marked for factoring, then factoring company’s email will be used; otherwise, the email of the primary contact of the customer will be used
  • Web app auto-refresh when needed
  • Import tractors from integrated ELD
    • Will work the same way as importing drivers
  • Driver’s planned HOS
    • HOS timing data from the ELD will be shown instead of the hours remaining at the end of the trip plan
    • Last updated date and time is shown as well
  • Switch lists (ex.: when viewing a Tractor, the dropdown to quickly select a different Tractor)
    • Sorted alphabetical or numeric
  • Import data
    • Updated the permission flow to allow different rows to import different data types
  • Tractors and Trailers list views
    • Sorted by ascending order
  • Load selection (load board)
    • Applied an upper limit to the Max Origin and Destination Deadhead fields
  • Various additional improvements and stability fixes

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