Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for  2.4.14/ M 2.4.5

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

New Feature! – Expense Model

We have built a minimum viable expense model where you can add and manage all your company expenses,  fuel expenses, and expense documents.

Learn more on the expense model at Expense Model.

Note: We are working on supporting the importing of different fuel card data format so that you can easily upload your fuel card statement in Axele. Please contact us at support@axele.com to learn more on fuel card data import.

New Feature! – JJ Keller ELD Integration

Now you can integrate your JJ Keller ELD with Axele and track all your driver’s current location and their HOS right from within Axele.

To integrate your JJ Keller ELD, contact the JJ Keller support team and get the integration login account for your JJ Keller account.

Once you obtain the integration login account, follow the process mentioned at ELD Integration to integrate your ELD and start using the integration.

Feel free to contact us at support@axele.com if you need any assistance.

New Feature! – Rate Confirmation PDF Parser for Penske Logistics

We have added the support for extracting load information from the rate confirmation (RC) PDF document of Penske Logistics.

You can now drag and drop or browse for your Penke logistics RC doument while creating a new load.

New Feature! – Offline document upload on Axele Mobile

Now you can upload documents from the Axele Mobile app without worrying about the network availability or connectivity and continue your work in the offline mode. Axele mobile app will automatically sync your documents with the system once your network connectivity is restored.

Improvement! – Apex Capital Factoring Integration

Added following improvements while integrating Apex factoring account:

  • Improved the messaging if an invoice is not accepted at factoring
  • Improved the logic and workflow for the customer auto-mapping
  • Mapped Driver/Tractor/Trailer details as well while creating an invoice in Apex
  • Mapped different Equipment types between Axele and Apex while creating an Invoice in Apex
  • Improved the invoice line item type mapping between Axele and Apex

Learn more about this integration here.

Improvement! – Terminal Module

Following improvements are added in the terminal module:

  • Now you can choose a terminal while creating a load
  • Terminal name is added in the Invoice PDF and the Invoice Email template
  • Terminal name is added in the load details screen

Learn more on the Terminal module at the terminal module

Other improvements! – Generic improvements and bug fixes

  1. Now you can edit the filename of the uploaded documents
  2. Location Service providing different details from different places
  3. Gantt chart performance improvement
  4. Persistence support on tabs in Preferences, Integrations, and Driver Settlements
  5. Excel Export for the Basic Reports – Drivers
  6. Mobile: Upgraded Navigation library v5 (iOS iPhone 12 issues)

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