Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.21.9


Alerts and notifications

  • Now you can add a new recipient to receive load event updates through email or SMS (go to the Visibility tab within a load to configure your custom alerts for your recipients)

Maintenance module

  • Now you can record maintenance history for each tractor and trailer
  • Manage maintenance from a central page (go to Maintenance > Maintenance History) or from a tractor or trailer’s page (go to Assets > Tractors or Trailers > Maintenance Records)

Custom types

  • Now you can create custom maintenance items, document types, and pay items (go to Settings > Manage Types)


Invoice page

  • General and factoring view have been merged to one (the additional columns from the factoring view have been added to the main view)
  • All of the row and bulk actions are aggregated under the Bulk Action button
  • Sort on multiple columns
  • Create your own view by selecting the columns to show and hide on the grid

Customer and Location pages

  • Better grid functionality


  • Now you can link expenses to driver settlements


  • Revenue column has been added to driver settlements (Load Settlement Expenses section) to show the total load revenue at the time of the driver settlement
  • Improved logic of the Amount Due field on invoices to mark when an invoice is completely paid
  • GPS location update frequency improved to more accurately capture the driver’s location on the map
  • Payment Reference # has been added on each load invoice to capture the transaction details of an invoice payment
  • Loading time of the Account Summary page has been improved

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