Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.19.5


Mondo Tracking ELD


Load notes

  • Add custom notes on loads and attach a document to each note
  • You can view notes from others (edit or delete only the notes created by you)

Automatic completion of IO loads once all DO loads are complete from a Split Load


Factoring company by customer

  • Go to Customers > Customers > to set a specific factoring company to use for each customer
  • When creating a load, the factoring company for that load will be set based on the customer’s default factoring company

Tractor owner settlement

  • Capture the tractor owner’s phone and address within the tractor’s profile
  • Automate the calculations of scheduled payments and deductions within the tractor owner settlement

Time off

  • Create time off using a start date and time that occurred in the past
  • Choose the placement of the time off sequence compared to existing assigned loads

Noreply email has been replaced with the user’s email in the Reply From recipient field

New equipment type and fields

  • Type: Chassis & Container
  • Fields: Seal #, Chassis #, Container #

Customer address display on the invoice PDF

Various additional improvements and stability fixes

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