Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.17


New Integrations!

TAFS factoring

  • Integrate your TAFS factoring account with Axele by going to the Settings > Integrations > Factoring tab and entering your TAFS login details
  • This will allow you to send your invoices directly from Axele into your TAFS account
  • After submitting your invoices into TAFS, go to your TAFS portal and submit the invoices to a payment schedule

C.H. Robinson load board

  • Integrate your C.H. Robinson account with Axele by going to the Settings > Integrations > Load Boards tab and entering the Carrier Code and Company Name associated with your load board account
  • This will allow you to search for loads on the C.H. Robinson platform directly from Axele using the load board search (learn more about this feature here: Finding a Load on Load Boards – Axele Help Center)

New Features!

Dispatcher commission

  • Manage dispatcher commission calculations on each load and add payment terms for each dispatcher within Settings > Users > select the user > Payment Terms
  • When assigning a dispatcher to a load, their commission amount is calculated automatically. (You can turn on/off load–specific commission for each dispatcher within Settings > Users > select the user > Edit User > Automate Commission Calculations)
  • Create commission reports for dispatchers for completed loads within Accounting > Dispatcher Commissions

Tractor settlement

  • Create tractor settlements for tractor owners by adding payment terms for each tractor (Assets > Tractors > Payment Terms)
  • When assigning a tractor to a load, the owner’s settlement amount is calculated automatically. (You can turn on/off load specific settlement for each tractor within Assets > Tractors > select the tractor > Additional info tab > Other Info tab)
  • Create settlement reports for tractor owners for completed loads within Accounting > Tractor Settlements > Pending Tractor Payments


Load status color improvements

Company preference for default equipment type

  • Set a default equipment type within Settings > Preferences > Company tab > General Preferences > Default Equipment Type
  • The default equipment type will apply during load or load template creation. (You can always override the default equipment type within the Create New Load page.)

QuickBooks integration for partial payments

  • Within Accounting > QuickBooks > Invoices tab, selecting an invoice and clicking the Sync QB Payment Status option will capture any partial payments of invoices from QuickBooks to Axele

Aggregate expenses in the Account Summary

  • Expenses and driver payments are now collected in the Accounting > Account Summary section
  • Drill down to view specific line item details that contribute to the total expense of each category

ELD enhancements to show last used date/time and invalid credentials

  • On each ELD integration card (Settings > Integrations > ELDs tab), the last used date and time will show the last date and time when Axele refreshed the data from your ELD provider
  • If your ELD integration credentials become invalid after you successfully integrate, an error message will appear automatically on the integration card

Texas DOT rules

  • Apply these rules per driver within Operations > Driver Dispatches > Preferences > General Preferences > Work Week Type

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