Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.16.8

New Features!

Load templates

New Integrations!

Loadsmart load board

123Loadboard load board



  • Replace Driver Dispatcher with Load Dispatcher on the Dispatch Sheet
  • Manage Tractor assignment on future loads (update)

Load Board Search

  • Team load searching and truck posting (DAT)
  • Search by DAT Zone

Assets: Drivers, Tractors, and Trailers

  • Improved view for each page
  • Odometer based preventative maintenance tracking (Tractors)
  • Payload capacity attribute (Trailers)

Invoices, Settlements, Payment Terms

  • Allowing up to four decimals for Rate and Quantity fields


  • Factoring fee incorporated on load financials (Factoring)
  • Reverse sync from QuickBooks for paid status with support for partial payments (QuickBooks)


  • Basic report for dispatcher performance


  • Allow usage of the same DOT# and MC# for multiple terminals

Mobile App

  • Past and completed loads section update
  • Completed loads list view performance improvement
  • Dispatcher attribute added on load view

Various additional improvements and stability fixes

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