Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.13

This release includes several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features!

ELD integrations: 3MD and VisTracks

  • Click here to learn about our ELD integration

Dispatch Sheet

  • Located within each load, a PDF that shares load details for your driver (revenue is not included)

Dispatch Rate Confirmation

  • Located within each load, a PDF that shares load details for your dispatcher (revenue is included)

Fuel card import: EFS

  • Click here to learn about importing data


Driver settlement

  • “Enable Driver Settlements” toggle added to the Driver Settlement Expenses section of a load
    • Allows you to omit a particular load from a driver’s settlement calculation (helpful for importing past loads)
  • “Automate Settlement Calculations” option added to the Driver Detail Page
    • Allows you to omit a particular driver from a load’s driver settlement calculation (will be used for Tractor Settlements)


  • Combine all supporting load documents (BOL, POD, etc.) into one PDF


  • Load ID field accepts both letters and numbers (alphanumeric)
  • Load sequencing option

Loads list page (Operations > Loads)

  • Load ID quick filter
  • Invoiced and Paid quick filters are separated

Load board search

  • Market rate on each load result uses new FMIC rates for greater accuracy
  • DNS filter set to “All” by default


  • Basic Report: Team drivers included

User interface

  • Responsive web app design: Navigation, Dispatches, Loads, Customers (Phase 1)

Various additional improvements and stability fixes

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