Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 2.1.10/ M 2.1.6

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

Improvement! – Updated Registration and Login Page

Now you need not wait to activate your account during registration. We have updated our registration process to have instant activation while signing up with Axele.

If you are a proud user of the Axele and want to refer your friends to Axele and earn a referral bonus, you can do it from our updated login page.

Do visit https://app.axele.com/login. 

Improvement! – Daily Reporting

We have updated the reporting section to report the data on daily basis instead of weekly/monthly.

Now you can filter the reports from any ‘from date’ in the past to any ‘to date’ and analyze your drivers KPI.

Do check this improvement at the ‘Reporting’ section.

Improvement! – Allow Adding Driver Settlement Records Before Load Completion

Now you can add settlement records for a driver before the load completion. You can also explicitly edit the loaded and empty miles for a load while adding a settlement record

The settlement records added for the driver is also accessible from the drivers’ mobile app.

Do check out the Loads(LoadID)>Financial to add the settlement records for your driver.

Improvement! – Replaced ‘Completed From/To’ with ‘Drop Off From/To’ filters on Load List

Replaced Load list filters from actual ‘Completed From/To’ with ‘Drop Off From/To’.

Other improvements! – Generic improvements and bug fixes

  1. Modified the Invoice list layout
  2. Fixed several bugs
  3. Added several technical improvements

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