Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 1.45

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

Improvement! – Performance Improvement

We have tweaked and improved the performances of following workflows in Axele:

  • Dashboard/home page
  • Invoice list
  • Mobile landing screen

Please connect with our support team at support@axele.com if you are facing any performance issues while using Axele.

Improvement! – Support Omnitracs ELD Integration

We have integrated Omnitracs ELD with Axele. Please connect with our support team to integrate your ELD with Axele.

Improvement! – Modified the logic to consider appointment date-times instead of actual activity date-times

  • Removed the logic of validating ‘Invoice On’ date against completion/cancellation date
  • Removed the logic of validating cancellation date-time (of cancelled Load) against the last completed activity date-time of the previous load
  • Started showing pickup & drop off dates on Driver Settlement page from appointment dates instead of actual dates
  • Removed the chronology validation logic while updating stop activities of a load
  • On mobile, started grouping of past loads based on the appointment DateTime of its last stop

Improvement! – add multiple instances of same ELD provider

Now you can add more than one account of the same provider ELD provider in Axele.

Improvement! – Added primary dispatcher assignment for a driver

Added the ability to assign the primary dispatcher for a driver. This information is also viewed on the mobile app as well as on the driver’s list.

Other improvements! – Generic improvements and bug fixes

  1. Changed the definition of “this week” on the dashboard/home page to consider company’s time zone
  2. Removed browser autosuggestions for Axele text fields
  3. Loads List View: Replaced Completion column by Drop Off
  4. Add new Expense Category (Bonus)

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