Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 1.44 

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

Improvement! – Performance Improvement

We have tweaked and improved the performances of following workflows in Axele:

  • Load creation
  • Driver assignment
  • Invoice list page
  • Dashboard page
  • QuickBooks invoicing page
  • Tractor and trailer list page
  • Driver mobile app

Please connect with our support team at support@axele.com if you are facing any performance issues while using Axele.

Improvement! – QuickBooks improvement

We have fixed the issue with the QuickBooks customer sync for the carrier having more than 100 customers. Now you can sync any number of customers between Axele and QuickBooks.

We have also added a customer filter dropdown at QuickBooks>Customers, for you to quickly search for any customer.

Improvement! – Support new ELD Integration

We have integrated 3MD ELD and LB technology ELD with Axele. If you are using any of the above ELD, then connect with our support team to integrate your ELD with Axele.

Improvement! – Mark Load as Invoiceable or Non-Invoiceable during Cancellation

Now you can mark a load as invoiceable or non-invoiceable while cancelling a load. Loads which are marked as ‘Non-invoiceable’ will not appear in the invoice section and will not participate in the total invoiced amount.

Improvement! – Driver Mobile App – Document Scanner

We have made the document scanning capability in Axele Driver mobile app a bit more intelligent. Now the app will automatically identify the edges of the document while scanning and also allows you to adjust the edges of the documents being scanned. With this new improvement, you can scan multiple pages and save it as one document in Axele.

There are multiple additional features/enhancements added along with the document scanner capability. Do check your driver mobile app and provide your feedback on this new enhancement.

Other improvements! – Generic improvements and bug fixes

We have fixed several other issues related to split load, document date format and other minor issues in Axele.

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