Axele Named DAT's Preferred Carrier TMS

Release Notes for 1.41

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

New Feature! – Accounts and Subscriptions

Now you can manage your organization’s account and subscriptions within Axele.

Learn more on this feature at Accounts And Subscriptions.

Improvement! – Load creation form improvement

Load creation form is updated to include

  • Additional invoice line items
  • Add the contact details for the load
  • Add reference number for each load stop
  • Add load stop contact details

Learn more on the improved load creation form at Create Load.

New Feature! – New Driver page

Creation and management of your drivers can now be operated from the new section for ‘Drivers’ under the asset section. All the operations related to the driver remains the same.

You can continue to create other users (like dispatchers/accountants and others) from the user’s section.

Learn more on the newly added drivers section at Create Driver.

New Feature! – Create multiple dispatches for a load

We can create multiple dispatches for a single load by splitting a load into multiple ‘Dispatch Only’ loads.

When you split a load into multiple dispatch loads then following resultant loads are created with same load id:

  • Invoice only (IO) load (The original load is flagged as invoice only load)
  • Dispatch only (DI) load (From pickup to split location)
  • Dispatch only (DI) load (from split location to drop off)

Learn more at Create Multiple Dispatches for a Load. 

Improvement! – Custom addresses for factoring company and company details

Address fields for adding company details and factoring company details are updated as a text field. Now, you can add any custom address for your company or for your factoring company.

New Feature! – Native mobile notifications

With the new updates for the driver mobile app, now a driver can receive in-app notifications even when the app is not open. Axele’s notification is integrated with your mobile notifications now.

Improvement! – Copy ‘stop address’ from the Axele mobile app to any other native mobile map application

Now you can copy the ‘stop address’ from your Axele mobile app and paste it on any other mapping application on your phone.

Other improvements! – Generic improvements and bug fixes

We have fixed performance issues on the Gantt chart along with other minor issues in Axele.

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