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Release Notes for 1.39

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

New Feature! – QuickBooks Integration

Now you can directly integrate QuickBooks (QB) online with Axele and sync your Axele invoices into QB.

Syncing your invoices to QB is a 5-step process:

Step 1: Integrate QB with Axele:

Go to Settings>Integrations>Accounting Systems, click on ‘Activate’ button and provide your QB online credentials to integrate your QB account. This step is performed only once.

Step 2: Connect to QuickBooks:

Go to Accounting>QuickBooks, click on ‘Connect’ to establish a connection with your QB account. We will use your credentials entered in Step 1 and connect with your QB account.

You need to click on ‘Connect’ every time you need to sync your invoices

Step 3: Map Axele income categories with QB Items:

Once QB is connected, you need to make sure that all the Axele income categories are mapped with QB product & services item categories. To learn more on adding QB product and service items visit https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-in/help-articles/track-your-services-or-non-inventory-items/00/382947

This step is performed only once unless a new income category is added.

Step 4: Map Axele customers with QB customers:

Click on the ‘Customer’ tab and verify whether all the customers in Axele are synced with QB or not.

To do this, click on ‘Fetch Customers’ and ensure you have applied QB status filter = ‘Non-synced’

Select all the customers from the list and simply click on ‘Send to QB’.

Note: If your customer is not synced into QB, then invoices for such customer may not be synced either.

Step 5: Sync Invoices into QuickBooks:

Click on the ‘Invoices’ tab and ensure you have selected the QB status filter as ‘Non-synced’ which lists all the invoices which are not yet synced with QB. You can also filter your invoices based on the invoice date.

Select all the invoices and click on ‘Send to QB’ button to complete the sync process.

New Feature! – ELD Integration Management

With our enhanced ELD Integration Management, you can now:

  • Use multiple ELD providers and efficiently get it connected with Axele
  • Change the ELD provider for a driver without losing historical data
  • Create drivers directly from your ELD record instead of creating drivers one by one in Axele
  • Link your Axele drivers with ELD drivers if the drivers were already present in Axele

ELD Integration is a 2-step process as below:

Step 1: Integrate your ELD with Axele:

Go to Settings>Integrations>ELDs, select your ELD provider from the list Activate the integration by providing the appropriate credentials (contact us at support@axele.com if you do not find your ELD provider in the list or if you finding any issue while integrating your ELD).

Step 2: Create new drivers or link existing drivers:

Once your ELD is integrated, you will see a card like one below.

We import all the driver’s list from your ELD provider which can be managed by you by clicking the ‘Manage’ link.

In the next screen, you will see the actual list of your drivers which are not linked with Axele (Change the filter as ‘Linked’ in case you want to manage the already linked drivers).

You can simply select all the drivers from your ELD provided list and click on ‘Create Driver(s)’ to add them to the Axele.

If you have already added a driver earlier and just wanted to link ELD, then you need to click on ‘Link Driver’ and select the driver from the Axele driver’s list.

Note: To change the driver’s ELD, first un-link his current ELD and then link to the new ELD.

Also, once the drivers are imported from the ELD provider, you can alternatively go to ‘create users’ section and create a driver by linking it with the one from the ELD provider list.

Improvement! – Added New Rate Confirmation Templates

We are excited to announce the addition of two new rate confirmation (RC) template in Axele as follow:

  • Armstrong
  • Trinity

Now load creation process became much simpler with the addition of the above two templates. You can access the list of all the supported templated while creating a load as shown below.

Improvement! – Modify load id as per your need

We have added more flexibility in the system by allowing modifications to the load id.

Go to the load detail page and click on ‘Edit Load ID’ and modify the load id.

Note: In addition to the above features and improvements, we have resolved several issues related to browser caching, stability issues and others.

Please update your Android/IOS app’s to enjoy using the new improvements.

 Contact us at support@axele.com.

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