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Release Notes for 1.1

This release is composed of several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

New Feature! – Added notes on Invoice list

Now you can alert your accountants/ dispathers for any any important information pertaining to a load by adding it as a note while creating a load. We will show the notes on the invoice page only if it is entered by the user.

We are working on creating a dedicated note for invoices to communicate or alert accountants. We are expecting to release this feature in the next release cycle.

New Feature! – Delete Load

You can now delete any load which you do not wish to keep in the system. This will delete all the traces of the load.

We have been cautioned on deleting a load which are included in any driver settlement report. So, we have incorporated a workflow which assists users to browse to the driver settlement page and remove the load from it.

Improvement! – Browser Navigation History

We have added appropriate page titles through out our application. Now, you can use browser back button to go to the previous page without loosing the context as shown below:

Improvement! – Allow user to edit Street Addresses for any location

You can edit street address while searching for a location in load creation or location creation. This can be handy if you do not find the exact location address or wanted to add additional details for a location address.

New Feature! – Support team driver

We have relaxed HOS time restriction to support team drivers. If you would like to try out this feature, then please turn off ‘Ignore HOS Restrictions’ flag as ‘Yes’ in the driver preference card.

Improvement! – Company preference categorizations

We have grouped all the preferences at company level in the following logical groups:

  • Company details
  • Factoring company
  • Invoice preferences
  • Settlement preferences
  • General preferences

Do checkout this feature to add your preferences at your organization level.

Improvement! – Help button placement

Now you can give any feedback or can suggest any new feature using our help option on the bottom right of the page.

Improvement! – Allow drag and drop of documents to upload

We have made document upload process easy through out the application. Now you can just drag and drop a document to upload it.

Improvement! – Added sorting on ‘Invoices On’ and ‘Paid On’ fields on Invoice List

You can sort all the invoices based on their invoiced date and paid date.

Improvement! – Global search improvement

You can search for any load/driver/customer/trailer/tractor/location directly from the top header as show below.

Improvement! – Support adding extension to phone number

You can add extensions to a phone number while adding contact information for any user or driver.

Improvement! – Email improvement

Now you can add more Email Id’s to ‘To’ and ‘CC’ list while sending an invoice to your customer.

Improvement! – Added year/make/model information while adding a trailer/tractor

Now you can add additional details for a trailer/tractor for bookkeeping purpose. You can add informations like year/make/model for a tractor/trailer while creating/editing these entities.

Other improvements! – Generic improvements and bug fixes

We have changed the background color of all the tooltips to make it more readable.

Now you can select/copy texts through the application.

You can now add MC number of a customer while creating a new customer entity.

Bug Fixes!

We have fixed multiple bugs through out the application to make it more robust and improve application loading time.


Update Load Progress!

We are working on allow you to update the progress on load directly from the load list page. You can also force complete the load using this option instead of going to each stop and completing it.

Help Portal!

We have created short video tutorials, frequently asked question bank, user manual for training end users. We are going to integrate the help portal with Axele in the next release.

Cancel Load!

You can cancel a load at any stage before it gets completed. We have also added a new invoice item TONU (Truck ordered; Not used) to add any additional charges here.

Invoice Notes!

In order to capture any notes for a customer or invoice, we are working on adding invoice notes. This invoice notes will appear in the invoice page and the financial section of a load. The notes appear only when the dispatcher or any user has entered any text to communicate it with the accountants.

Market Strength on Load Selection!

We understand backhaul to be a major concern while booking/searching a load in a market. In order to assist our user to get a better-quality load considering the changes of the backhaul load, we are working on adding a KPI called ‘Market Strength’ for each load destination.

A destination with higher Market strength means that there is a better chance of getting a backhaul load from the destination.

You can get benifitted from this feature by using our load selection workflow.

Load creation using rate confirmation PDF!

We are working on extracting the information from the rate confirmation PDF and auto create a load form it. You just need to drop rate conformation PDF on the create form and our application will auto detect the PDF and fill all the extracted fields on the create form.

Right now, we will be supporting only few rate conformation templates and are working on adding more and more templates to our list.

Create/Edit Layout improvements!

We have started redesigning create/edit layout based on our user’s feedback. Our new design is going to be compact and will encompass all the important fields.

Load details layout improvements!

We are improving the load details layout by adding customer/pickup-dropoff locations on the details tab and making it visible always. We are also improving the layout of financial tab of load


We are working on bringing a reporting feature to report all the important KPI for the historical data. We are also working on bringing a trendline to show trends of how revenue/ driver performance/ load counts in the past.

Do let us know if any of the above feature excites you and you want to learn more on it!

 Contact us at support@axele.com.

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