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Recruiting women truck drivers

Recruiting Women Truck Drivers: 8 Tips for Success

Recruiting women truck drivers: How is it different?

The long-standing truck driver shortage is prompting truckload carriers to reach out to a mostly new group of potential truck drivers: Women.

And nobody knows better how to talk to women than Axele customer Quality Logistics Senior Vice President Amanda Schuier.

Schuier comes from a trucking family and has learned it takes certain character traits–a strong-willed attitude and perseverance – to succeed in this industry. Her strong presence in the trucking community means she is hyper-aware of what’s going on in the industry.

So how can you, as a truckload carrier, make productive strides towards recruiting women truck drivers? Here are a few woman-to-woman tips to get you started:

Tailor your woman-to-woman marketing.

A highly effective way to get a woman’s attention is by promoting real-life situations and stories. Think about displaying women truck drivers behind the wheel. Or have your female truck drivers talk about what it’s like to work for your company in a YouTube video. You can also share educational content about women’s careers in the transportation industry–showing women what it takes to succeed and how to get a foot in the door of the transportation industry.

Provide equipment that fits both genders.

As a long-term goal, the industry needs trucking equipment designed for both genders’ needs—not just the average man.

Recruit the next-generation today.

 Today’s girls are tomorrow’s truck drivers. So let youngsters know that trucking is a viable career by attending school or college events and explaining the career’s benefits to keep your driver pipeline full.

Form a support circle.

With so few women in trucking, female newcomers may need a place where they can discuss frustrations, get advice from female vet drivers, and build relationships within your company. This move will help you create a sense of community for better retention and branding.

Tailor perks for recruiting women truck drivers, then engaging and retaining them.

You can offer female-friendly perks, including blogs that women can read on the road, self-defense lessons, or wellness guides.

Help keep family life and work-life remain in sync.

Women with families must often be away from home for long periods. Consider offering women drivers a local fleet rotation or letting women drivers trade-off on long-distance trips. Or consider allowing female drivers to take the truck home.

Implement success programs for women.

By incorporating programs to help women succeed in your company, you’ll engage and incentivize your female drivers and attract more women to your open positions.

Showcase your people.

Drivers seeking work are sure to use social media to evaluate potential new employers and gauge their alignment with the company’s culture. Social media and other online channels let you tell the story of women drivers in your company by sharing their unique stories, personalities, and hobbies.

There are many ways to reach the female audience and focus on recruiting women truck drivers. And there’s no better time to launch your recruitment efforts than today!

Quality Logistics Senior Vice President Amanda Schuier is a trucking industry veteran. While she is not a truck driver, she understands the needs and wants of drivers, especially women, in the industry. She uses Axele TMS to find the most profitable load for her male and female drivers. Contact Axele today.

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