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Connect, Automate and Optimize

The Axele TMS connects all your systems to create a one-stop shop to run your business, optimize load planning, and maximize revenue.

Connect to all
of your systems

Automate day-to-day manual tasks

Find the most profitable

The Connected TMS

Axele is connected with Load Boards, ELDs, Market Rates, Maps, Accounting Systems and everything else you need to run your business easily.

Connect with Load Boards

Find best loads and post driver availability: Axele automatically searches all connected load boards to find the best loads for each driver and allows you to post your drivers’ availability.

Market intelligence data: Use market intelligence data for lanes to find more profitable loads and guide negotiations with customers.

Connect with ELDs

Track Hours of Service: Track remaining hours of service for all of your drivers, update their trip plans with the load appointments they can make and always find the best loads for every driver.

Track Location: All tractors and loads are easily viewed on maps. This helps you with load planning and track & trace.

Connect with Accounting Systems

QuickBooks: You can sync all your TMS accounting data with QuickBooks, generate reports and get access to all of QuickBooks’ capabilities.

Fuel Cards: Improve your driver settlement and expense reporting by integrating with COMDATA, APEX or RTS.

Keep Customers in the loop with
Track & Trace

Sharing Truck Availability: Improve your visibility to customers by sharing when and where a truck will be available.

Sharing Track & Trace: Share a live tracking link for the load’s location and pickup and delivery ETAs.

Driver Communication

Share all load details with drivers. Improve your invoicing & driver settlements by sending rate confirmations and receiving scanned documents.

No Check Calls Needed

Avoid check calls and see for yourself whether a load has been picked up, where it is now or whether it was delivered. Track load and driver location in real time through GPS on the driver’s Mobile App.

The Automated TMS

Axele automates most of your day-to-day functions so you can run your business better and and do more with fewer resources.

Easily Manage Loads

Centralized Load Management: Easily manage every stage of the load lifecycle, from confirmation, to dispatch, to collecting critical documents, to invoicing and settling load payments to drivers.

Minimum Data Entry: Automated and fast load creation by pulling information from load boards, converting a quote to a load or duplicating a load.

Live Dispatch Board to Increase Productivity

Smart Tracking of Driver Schedules: Monitor the schedule of all drivers in one place through intuitive visualizations and find out which drivers will be available when and where.

Location Tracking: Track all assets – drivers, tractors, trailers, loads – all in one place on the map as they move from location to location.

Your Digital Trucking Assistant

Compliance, Safety and Accountability

IFTA: Calculate IFTA with ease and determine what you need to pay or receive from different states.

Asset Maintenance: Do not miss any important maintenance and repairs. Axele provides reminders for maintenance of tractors and trailers.

Driver Safety: Axele sends you alerts and reminders so you never miss renewals of driver certifications, license renewals or drug tests again.

Automate Your Back Office

Customer Invoicing: Send bulk invoices to customers, manage your accounts receivables and get reminders for missing documents.

Driver Settlement: Customize driver pay by miles, revenue share or hours. Track all pending payments and generate reports.

Document Management: Archive and retrieve all important documents related to loads, drivers, tractors and trailers.

Operational Dashboards

Your most important KPIs all in one place. Operational Dashboards make it easy to view actual revenue vs. target revenue, earnings per driver, dollar per mile and loaded vs. empty miles.

Alerts and Reminders

Axele alerts you when you need to take action, such as for loads needing dispatch, drivers needing loads, delays or missing documents. One more way we help you make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

The Optimized TMS

Axele brings the latest optimization technology to you so that you can find the best loads for your drivers by taking into account their hours of service and personal preferences.​

Smart Load Selection

Best Load Selection: Find loads with the highest dollar per day or highest dollar per mile using an automated search and evaluation of loads available across multiple load boards.

Market Intelligence: Negotiate better rates with brokers by using intelligence of market demand and lane rates.

Smart Trip Planning

HOS-Based Planning: Calculate hour-by-hour trip plans for drivers taking into account their hours-of-service (HOS), hotel stays, fuel and meal breaks.

End-to-End Planning: Create schedules for drivers all the way from pickup of loads to the delivery of loads including mandatory rest and breaks.

Smart Quote Evaluation

No Guesswork: For any potential load offered by a customer, quickly evaluate its value to you taking into account its revenue, cost, deadhead miles and ETAs.

Find Best Driver: Find the best driver for any quote within seconds considering drivers’ HOS and current load assignments.

Keep your data accessible and secure.

Always Fast: Axele is powered to support millions of users and always puts performance as its top priority. We allocate computing resources dynamically to satisfy any workload surges throughout the day.

Always Here: No installation needed. Get up and running in one day. Our cloud-hosted web-based system is designed to serve you 24/7/365 without interruption.

Finally, a powerful TMS solution that focuses on you.

We learn from you

Your feedback makes Axele better. We are constantly learning from you and prioritizing what new capabilities we need to bring to Axele in future releases.

Your time is important

Our proprietary optimization technology scores thousands of options for load and trip planning within seconds to present you with the best options and saves you time.

Receive regular updates

Axele is continuously learning and improving – more connections, more automation, more optimization – all with the intent to make you more productive and more profitable.

Efficiency is at the core

Our team has decades of experience in applying optimization technology to the world’s largest airlines, railroads and trucking companies. Axele brings this advanced technology to truckload carriers.

What Can a TMS Do for You?

Find out now with this
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