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TMS Vendor Comparison

New! TMS Vendor Comparison Updated with Latest Features

Why would you need a TMS Vendor Comparison?

Carriers have multiple options when it comes to transportation management systems (TMS), so it can be difficult to know which one will best meet your company’s needs. That’s why we put together our TMS vendor comparison back in December, and why we just updated it with the latest features. In this updated version, you’ll find a comparison that includes the original 14 categories such as:

  • Finds Most Profitable Loads Automatically
  • HOS-based Trip Planning
  • Live Dispatch Management
  • Budget-Friendly with Free Trial
  • And much more

New Categories in the Updated TMS Vendor Comparison

Now you’ll also find additional new categories including:

DAT Preferred Carrier TMS—As DAT’s preferred TMS provider for truckload carriers, you can be sure that the system offers a modern, connected TMS that can streamline the freight-matching process and lead to better decisions and greater profitability. Plus, carriers can connect to the industry’s largest freight marketplace without ever leaving the TMS.

“Pay for What You Use” Billing—When your TMS prorates your bill down to the minute for the number of drivers and web users you license, you save money. Need to add extra drivers to meet higher shipper volume? Add and subtract on the fly. Bring an accountant in once a month to help with billing? Only pay for the hours they use. No more paying for something you’re not using.

Team Driving—a Teams feature allows dispatchers and trip planners to visualize drivers’ schedules, seeing solo drivers and teams on an overview that ensures proper assignment of loads with no overlap. Improve driver retention with easier management of team driving.

Terminal Management—this feature supports regional home bases, or terminals, in a carrier’s geographic footprint. Each terminal can have its own set of drivers, trucks, and trailers. The right TMS lets carriers create individual terminal profiles with company, drivers, tractors, trailers, DOT#, MC#, and more.

No Contract/Month to Month Subscription—Who wants to be locked into a long term contract? With a month to month subscription, your provider needs to serve you well every day. Don’t get locked in!

Factoring Integration—Speed payment both to you and your drivers with integrated factoring. Don’t wait 90 days or more for customers to pay—accelerate your cash flow quickly and easily.

Use this TMS Vendor Comparison to see which TMS systems offer the features you need—get your copy today!

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