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Small- to Mid-Sized Carriers

Is Technology Changing the Game for Small- to Mid-Sized Carriers?

Is technology changing the game for small- to mid-sized carriers? That’s an important question for us here at Axele, as it’s our goal to level the playing field for small- to mid-sized carriers with leading edge technology.

DAT, Axele’s new load board strategic partner, recently published a blog post by Ryan Camacho, Director of Strategy & Business Development for Axele, which addressed that question.

In his post, Ryan wrote about how important this mission is, since approximately 52% of semis on the road today are run by small fleets (less than 50 trucks) which make up 99% of the country’s for-hire carriers.

Many small- to mid-sized carriers struggle

“Many carriers struggle to source loads, streamline business processes and capitalize on new business opportunities due to a lack of affordable, comprehensive technology platforms,” Ryan wrote. 

This is why Ryan and the team at Axele believe what we are doing is so important. Because small carriers often don’t have access to the same technologies enjoyed by large carriers, and it’s becoming more and more important for them to have that edge. As Ryan refers to it, it’s a “democratization of trucking technology, where AI is making trucking more efficient, businesses healthier, and truck drivers happier.

“We now have the unprecedented ability to gather operational information of hundreds of thousands of drivers and fleets to customize a solution for a carrier’s specific needs,” Ryan wrote.

A big step toward leveling the playing field

Our new partnership with DAT is a big step toward achieving that, as Ryan wrote.

DAT enables small- to mid-sized carriers to maximize their opportunities with the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America; Axele lets carriers analyze vast numbers of available loads to identify the best opportunities, and then schedule trips and drivers with maximum efficiency.

Want to know more about how this new partnership can help you improve your bottom line? Visit our DAT partnership page to learn more about getting your first month free from DAT and trying Axele free for 30 days—no credit card required.

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