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Automation of loads with a TMS

How Useful is Automation of Loads with a TMS?

How useful is automation of loads with a TMS?

If you’ve been managing your loads with spreadsheets and email for years, you might wonder.

But the answer is that it’s extremely useful and not only saves you hours of work, but will bring more to your bottom line.

It’s not easy to manage the schedule of one driver, much less many. How do you make sure they’re staying busy, considering all the variables that exist – Hours of Service, customer pickup and delivery windows, potential for deadhead miles? Without automation of loads with a TMS, how do you keep your deadhead miles from eating up all your profit?

A smart TMS like Axele makes it easy to create smart driver schedules with advanced trip planning tools.

  • Live load board makes it easy to identify opportunities for new loads
  • Factor in available Hours of Service, driver preferences, and more
  • Find the right driver for the load, and the right load for the driver
  • See the true profitability of the load before you take it
  • And much more

And DAT partners with Axele as its preferred carrier TMS to help carriers evaluate loads by revenue, cost, and deadhead miles, and optimize driver schedules from pickup to delivery.

What do carriers say about automation of loads with a TMS?

Small- to mid-sized carriers are happy to get the type of tech tools that a large company has:

“Having the knowledge of our drivers’ available hours of service while we’re working within dispatch has been a great improvement.”

– Amanda Schuier, Quality Transport

“It saved me so much time not having to go back into their ELDs and look at their Hours of Service and delivery time. I just look at Axele and it gives me that warning.”

– Ashley Pierce, Avalon National, LLC

“Not only can I take on more loads, I can manage the business better. It takes the pressure off me, and now I can wear fewer hats than before.”

– Carlos Waldo, Joined as One

See for yourself—try Axele free for 30 days and find out how automation of loads with a TMS can make a big difference to your bottom line, and to your life.

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