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How to Excel with Axele TMS Onboarding

You’ve decided to choose the Axele TMS and are now ready to start using the tool. So how can you make sure your personnel are up and running quickly and efficiently during your Axele TMS onboarding process?

By design, Axele is very intuitive and easy to learn. A user can be up and running the same day they sign up. Once you add drivers into the system, you can send a notification to the driver for them to download the Axele mobile app and start using the software.

Six Steps for Axele TMS Onboarding

Axele TMS onboarding is easy with Axele’s Getting Started page (https://help.axele.com/getting-started/), which guides new users through the six primary steps so they can get started quickly:

  1. Use our tool to import your customer data, such as your shippers and brokers, pick-up and drop-off locations, drivers, tractors, trailers, past and future loads, and expenses, such as fuel and toll transactions. Select the data type to be uploaded, download the sample file, add your data to the file, and upload the file into Axele.
  2. Create users and drivers (accountants, dispatchers, specific drivers, etc.) and assign roles and permissions.
  3. Integrate one or more ELDs to track a driver’s location and hours of service automatically.
  4. Configure load board, using our load board integration to search for loads directly within Axele or on DAT and/or Truckstop.com.
  5. Review your preferences section to make sure you’ve customized the Axele TMS for your business needs before leveraging Axele.
  6. Create your first load using your customized Axele TMS.

Please Note: Every time you log onto the Getting Started page, you will be greeted by the six-step guide until you uncheck “Show” in the “Next Login” box at the bottom left of the screen. Once you deselect this option, you will be greeted by your dashboard each time you log in.

More Resources for Axele TMS Onboarding

Do your transport managers and those running Axele need more help with Axele TMS onboarding? We’ve got them covered:

  • Help.axele.comprovides aself-help capability for specific questions.
  • Axele customer support offers support help from within the application. Or you can call us anytime, 24×7 at 1-833-AXELE-01 or email us at support@axele.com.
  • Axele’s What’s New section [https://help.axele.com/whats-new/] covers new Axele TMS features.
  • After you sign up for Axele, we provide several online video tutorials via the Web app and mobile app for you and your team. Our extensive how-to and FAQ sections will help any user get up to speed on all functionality.
  • Axele’s YouTube channel [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWsGOPr-_otVu-JorZK5vWA] provides videos to teach users how to do more complex operations, like Smart Trip Planning and Driver Settlement.
  • Axele offers Axele TMS onboarding training sessions for your employees.

Congratulations and welcome to Axele! Here’s to your Axele TMS onboarding and future success. Axele is the smart transportation management system. For more features, check out AxelePro–available at a low monthly fee. We provide multiple training resources for new users to learn how to use the Axele TMS. To get started, contact Axele today.

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