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small and midsized carriers

How Small and Midsized Carriers Can Harness the Power of Data [Webinar]

Technology has provided larger carriers with a plethora of data for some time, but what about owner operators and small and midsized carriers? How can you get meaningful data without spending a fortune, and how do you use it to improve your bottom line? Join us for an informative webinar where 3 leading experts in the field will describe:

  • What do the indicators for 2021 tell us in terms of equipment purchases, capacity, dropping spot rates and higher contract rates?
  • How does big picture data and benchmarked data help carriers build and maintain competitive Owner Operator programs?
  • How does industry data help an Owner Operator decide whether to run for a carrier, under their own authority, and in what industry segment?
  • How is changing accessibility to technology, specifically for Owner Operators and small and midsized carriers, making profitability easier to attain?
  • What can operational data together with marketing intelligence do to improve your bottom line?

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to take your company to the next level with data—register now!

small and midsized carriers

About Your Speakers

Todd Amen

President & CEO


Todd Amen is the Founder of ATBS, specializing in Owner Operator business consulting, benchmarking, tax/tax resolution and bookkeeping services. ATBS is the largest business services organization serving Owner Operators in the trucking industry since 1998, and has given assistance to over 150,000 owner operators in its 23-year history.

Prior to ATBS, Todd was Co-President of Trans-Western Express, LTD. (TWX), a family-owned truck line operating in both the United States and Canada. In addition to his work with ATBS, Amen is a recognized speaker and leader in transportation and finance and is also on the Board of Directors of the Truckload Carriers Association. Todd is a graduate of Colorado State University, with a B.S. in Finance.

Dean Croke

Principal Industry Analyst


Dean Croke is DAT’s principal industry analyst, bringing 35 years of experience in the fields of data science, supply chain management, risk management, and human performance. Previously Dean was Chief Insight Officer at FreightWaves, where he led the freight market intelligence team of Market Experts. Prior to that he was Vice President of Data Products at Spireon, where he helped develop new telematics data products in the trucking, passenger automotive and insurance markets. Dean also ran Lancer’s long-haul truck insurance business after spending many years as Vice President of Omnitracs Analytics (formerly Qualcomm) where he developed Data Science technologies including machine learning, complex business rules engines and data analytics for transportation companies.

Ryan Camacho

Director of Strategy & Business Development


 Ryan Camacho has over 15 years of experience in architecting and supporting supply chain solutions.  Ryan has worked for several high-profile logistic software companies, such as Oz Development, Descartes System Group, Kuebix, and Trimble. With many years in this space, he has developed a tremendous amount of software and transportation industry expertise.  He has held positions from the ground up to leadership positions, including customer support manager, software developer, implementation specialist, executive sales representative, senior sales engineer, and director of product management.  At Axele, Ryan serves as the end-to-end owner of the Axele Transportation Management System, the first SaaS-based TMS built specifically for small and midsized carriers.

small and midsized carriers

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