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Truckers Earth Day

How Can Truckers Celebrate Earth Day in 2021?

Earth Day is coming up next week. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin created the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, and celebrated it with an estimated 20 million people nationwide attending festivities. This grassroots explosion eventually led to national legislation such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

How can your trucking firm celebrate Earth Day and support a cleaner environment while encouraging better business practices?

Smart planning can make you a greener world citizen for more than Earth Day

Greening your fleet is not as difficult as it might sound: Using new electric trucks, ELDs to monitor how a trucker drives, route optimization plans, and removing deadhead miles all help you to get started.

Here’s a quick breakdown of steps you can take now, on the way to developing a greener fleet:

  • Reduce deadhead miles and idling. Nobody wants an empty truck on a return trip. Fortunately, fleet matching systems enable truckers to find another load, so they don’t drive trucks empty.Our customers report that by optimizing driver routes and reducing deadhead miles, they reduce wasted miles by as much as 10% without impacting service quality. Likewise,trucks idling in rest-stops or at the dock generate significant pollution every minute. Reducing idling is an excellent way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Encourage corporate/in-house sustainability. For example, Axele encourages our employees to participate in sustainability goals by operating in a 100% digital capacity when possible—including electronic signatures on documents, email transmission of documents, and virtual meetings over in-person meetings. We also supply a healthy supply of snacks and food items free of charge to encourage office-bound employees to remain at the office instead of driving to restaurants for lunch.
  • Connect to more devices. A high level of connectivity and data sharing supports visibility and track-and-trace functions, all of which help you better manage your trucks’ location, efficiency, costs.
  • Integrate with other industry solutions. When you choose to integrate with software or apps that lower gas mileage while filling trucks fuller, you’re doing your part to green your fleet.
  • Consider how fuel-efficient carriers reduce greenhouse gases. We’re integrating with more partners in the transportation ecosystem to support the digital upload of documents like proof of delivery or chain of custody (cold chain) and the like.

Plan routes more efficiently

Axele TMS offers smart trip planning with step-by-step instructions that incorporate the most direct path and reduce out-of-route miles. These trip plans include where the driver can get gas along the existing route so that additional miles do not need to be added. Smart trip planning provides the most advantageous stops for fuel and rest and helps to lower mileage. Contact Axele today.

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