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What is Axele TMS?

Axele is a transportation management system that is provides cutting-edge technology that helps trucking companies more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Axele is more than just perfect. It makes my job easier and tells me exactly what is going on in my business

-John Ganiev, Dream Transportation

Our Value

See why other fleets continue to rely on Axele to help manage their business:

Intelligent Load Selection

Find better and more profitable loads, more often.

Unified Management

Integrates with other systems to manage it all from one place.

Real-Time Visibility

Up-to-the-minute updates and shared customer tracking.

Smart Driver Application

Effortless coordination, powerful driver tools.

Streamline Finances

Effortless and fast invoicing, factoring and settlements.

Automate Everything

Eliminate manual and time-consuming processes.

See How Axele Measures Up: TMS Comparison

Does your Transportation Management System do everything you need it to do? Have you ever wondered if there was a system out there that offers more? Here’s your chance to find out—see the TMS Vendor Comparison guide to see how the leading 11 TMS systems compare in 20 key categories.

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