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Axele for Truckers

Our companion app for drivers with real-time updates, communication, and preferences

Automated Dispatching

Send load assignments alerts directly to drivers and remove unnecessary texts, calls, and emails.

Easily share rate confirmation, pickup & delivery addresses and appointment times, and additional notes.

Drivers can view all current and future loads assigned and receive notifications of any changes to load assignments instantly.

mobile driver app

Document Management

  • Reduce the risk of missing critical documents and improve invoicing and driver settlement workflows.  
  • Drivers can upload critical load documents such as bill of lading and proof of delivery, which can instantly be viewed in Axele TMS.  
  • Drivers can upload pictures of loads and additional documents for any accessorial charges. 
mobile driver app

Manage Driver Preferences

  • Drivers can easily manage their preferences in the truck driver app, such as, sleeper berth, preferred truck stops, and states to avoid, which are then considered when calculating their trip plans. 
  • Drivers input their time-off directly in the app for easy consideration in load planning. 
  • Improve driver satisfaction and retention by never missing a request from your drivers. 

Automated Track and Trace

  • Track load and driver locations in real-time through GPS. 
  • Drivers can easily update load progress events – load arrival, departure, completion, and more. 
  • Avoid check calls see whether a load has been picked up, where it is now, whether it was delivered, and what the ETAs are for the remaining stops of the load. 
mobile driver app

A True Driver Assistant

  • Maps: Drivers can access their truck routes on the map directly within the Axele truck driver app. 
  • Trip Plans: Drivers can improve the quality of customer service by reviewing accurate ETAs for each load stop and remain on track for the on-time service of loads.  
  • Contacts: All important information needed by drivers can be found in one place payments of past loads, shipper / consignee contacts, and more. 

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