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Drive to Thrive: 5 Steps to Come Out on Top in 2021 [Webinar]

Are you ready to drive to thrive in 2021?

As carriers move into 2021, we need the right teams and tools to succeed and thrive.

Join us for an informative complimentary webinar with leading business strategist John Spence. John will lead a highly interactive meeting where he will share from his experience and invite you to share from yours to create actionable solutions you can implement now to grow your business in 2021. Subjects will include:

  1. Attracting and retaining the right team – Managing five generations in the workforce means challenges like never before.
  2. Shifting from short term to long term thinking – Dealing with freight market volatility requires a different perspective.
  3. Creating a culture of adaptability – Juggling children, health concerns, and overall fatigue – especially during a pandemic – isn’t easy.
  4. Demanding a culture of accountability – Ensuring your team chooses ownership over excuses.
  5. Embracing innovation – Adjusting services to align with changing customer needs, and using AI and technology to your advantage in hot and slow economies.

Don’t miss this informative opportunity to Drive to Thrive and start 2021 with winning strategies. Register now!

About Your Drive to Thrive Speaker

John Spence
Author, Executive Coach

For more than 23 years John Spence has traveled worldwide helping people and businesses be more successful. John is the author of five books and co-author of several more, a business consultant, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and executive coach with a client list that includes numerous Fortune 500 firms to small businesses, professional associations and other organizations. John’s areas of expertise include: leadership, high-performance teams, managing change, organizational culture, consultative selling, strategic planning, strategy execution and the future of business.

At 26 John was the CEO of an international Rockefeller foundation, overseeing projects in 20 countries. Just two years later Inc. Magazine named him one of America’s Up and Coming Young Business Leaders. John is recognized as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America, one of the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in America, one of the Top 50 Small Business Experts in America and one of the top 500 Leadership Development Experts in the World. The American Management Association named John one of America’s Top 50 Leaders to Watch along with Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google and Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

John was named one of eight finalists for the Breakthrough Idea Award for the Thinkers50 2017 Distinguished Achievement Awards. The Thinkers50 celebrates the thinkers who have contributed the most to management thinking and practice over the last two years and whose ideas drive the conversations of the day.

John is a voracious learner and consumes a minimum of 100 business books, countless articles and blogs a year. He is a guest lecturer at more than 90 colleges and universities including MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Wharton School of Business, University of Auckland, Canterbury University, University of Krakow and Kozminski University. He was the owner or CEO of six companies and currently serves as a board member or adviser to several organizations and executives.

John has made a career of “making the very complex…awesomely simple”.

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