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Driver Retention

Driver appreciation

Your Best Driver Appreciation Idea Could Win $250!

Driver Appreciation Week 2021 is September 12-18 and we want to hear how you’re planning to recognize these heroes of the highway.
In a recent survey by the Commercial Carrier Journal, 24% of truck drivers said, “It’s a thankless job – nobody respects truckers or appreciates what we do.”

driver retention for women

Do Driver Retention Issues Differ for Women and Men?

The truck driver shortage means many trucking firms are doing everything they can to improve driver retention. By offering higher pay and providing better trips and greater benefits, trucking companies are getting more creative in handling driver retention.
But what about driver retention for women?

Tech Will Attract Younger Drivers

How Your Tech Will Attract Younger Drivers – Or Not

Your tech will attract younger drivers—or will it drive them away?
Younger drivers expect up to date tech; they’ve grown up with smart phones, video games and video streaming. They expect their technology to be intuitive, user-friendly, to make their lives easier and to make it easier to do their jobs.
If you’re using tech that was developed in the 90s or even the 00s, younger drivers are not going to be…

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