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Case Study: TMS Keeps Drivers Continuously Moving

Armor Freight had tried a few TMS solutions, each with its own set of problems. One, which was very outdated – “too many tabs” – another that was too basic. Enter Axele.

Armor Freight is a seven-driver truckload carrier and broker operation based in Jacksonville. Managed by Courtney Highstone in the back office and Danielle Henson in the front office, Armor Freight found itself facing a choice between upgrading technology or hiring more staff to keep up with daily tasks and grow the business.

“Other TMSs were hard to navigate, hard to make adjustments to our company’s ways,” Highstone said. “But with Axele, from the demo throughout our trial, everything we put in the system was very smooth, very self-explanatory, easy,” Highstone said. Danielle Henson agreed. “One TMS was a nightmare. It took a good solid 15-20 minutes to create a load because of all the details you had to put in,” Henson said. “And there was no map feature to double-check me, so I had to manually enter everything and just hope that it was correct. With Axele, load creation is down to about two minutes.”

“Being able to do everything in one app, instead of invoicing in one place and driver settlements in another, is very beneficial.”

Before Axele, Armor Freight relied on calling or texting drivers their next pickup and delivery. But Axele’s ability to dispatch via the driver mobile app helps the company streamline connectivity between the office and driver.

“Especially for the drivers who don’t want to be on the phone a lot – to be able to communicate when they’re at a pickup, when they’re loaded, etc. through the app has been extremely helpful,” Highstone said.

“Axele helps us keep our drivers continuously moving,” said Highstone.

“One of the things we were most excited about with Axele TMS”

“Our old TMS could generate invoices, but there was no way to get loads to drivers,” Henson said. “I had no way to see their hours of service or anything like that, so I’d have to go into Samsara and look separately, where now it’s integrated, so I can do a quick check on their hours and keep moving.”

“It’s one of the things we were most excited about with Axele,” Henson said.

Read the full case study and see how Armor Freight has found they can continue meeting the needs of customers and drivers without hiring additional staff.

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