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Hotshot Trucking Be More Profitable

Can Hotshot Trucking Be More Profitable?

Can hotshot trucking be more profitable for you?

If you’re not familiar with it, hotshot trucking is a small but lucrative segment of the trucking industry that involves carrying smaller, time-sensitive loads to accessible locations. It can be done with standard, super-duty pickups, with or without a trailer. Hotshots haul anything from appliances to construction equipment. Most often the trips are local, but they can go as far as cross-country.

One appeal of hotshot trucking is that it costs less to start up than a traditional trucking venture since the equipment investment is less. Carriers are not required to have a Commercial Driver’s License for loads under 10,000 lbs. However, all drivers must have a Motor Carrier Authority Number and be approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA).

Hotshot trucking can be extremely profitable; those with full deck and weight capacity, working in regions with the best rates and volume, can gross anywhere from $150,000 to $180,000 per year. Of course, as in most industries, not all hotshot truckers reach the high end of the scale.

So how can hotshot trucking be more profitable?

One of the secrets to making this segment as profitable as it can be is to ensure that all trips are profitable. That means generating the highest possible revenue both going out and returning.

How to do that is the trick—but it’s not as difficult as it used to be. Now with the Axele transportation management system (TMS), you can find the most profitable loads in any location quickly. In fact, Axele finds them for you automatically, and schedules enough time to drop one load and pick up the next.

Proof from a Hotshot Trucking Startup

Want proof? Listen to the story of South Coast Carriers, a startup hotshot trucking company founded in 2020 in Houston, TX. They transport loads up to 30 feet in length, ranging from cars to industrial equipment to pallets, lumber, etc.

Hotshot carriers like South Coast look for shorter loads with high profit and low deadhead. Axele’s integration with makes it simple. “When I find loads, I put them into Axele, and then make sure that wherever the load is going – the starting and ending locations – that it will be profitable,” says Sales Manager Sami DesChamps.  “And it’s really helpful because Axele also gives you a realistic arrival and departure time, because it takes into account the duration that you’re going to be at that location, as well.”

“It’s made it so much simpler, especially when you’re scheduling multiple loads for a day you’re not entirely positive he can make it to go pick up another load,” DesChamps said.

“Axele has helped a lot with that.”

Whether you’re running a hotshot firm or a traditional trucking company, Axele can help you find the most profitable loads fast. See it for yourself with a no-obligation 30-day free trial.

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