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Tech Will Attract Younger Drivers

How Your Tech Will Attract Younger Drivers – Or Not

Your tech will attract younger drivers—or will it drive them away?
Younger drivers expect up to date tech; they’ve grown up with smart phones, video games and video streaming. They expect their technology to be intuitive, user-friendly, to make their lives easier and to make it easier to do their jobs.
If you’re using tech that was developed in the 90s or even the 00s, younger drivers are not going to be…

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Dealing with data overload

[Webinar] Dealing with Data Overload: One Carrier’s Journey

Data overload: It’s a real problem.
In our connected world, virtually every piece of technology generates data that can be collected, analyzed, and used to improve operations.  But while data today is plentiful, it’s a challenge for carriers who are always short on time and resources to make the insights actionable.

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Cloud TMS

Take a Second Look at Cloud TMS Benefits

Cloud TMS or on-premise TMS? Which would be better for your business?
Are you the proud owner of an on-premise transportation management system (TMS) that you purchased years ago? Do you license the software and hardware to run your TMS? If so, it may be time to take a critical look…

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Axele TMS Shows Exciting Growth

Axele TMS Shows Exciting Growth with User, 10X MRR Growth

We’re proud to announce that Axele closed out the first half of 2021 with over 5,200 users registered and 40,000 loads processed, plus an impressive increase in monthly recurring revenue of over 10X since January.
“The Axele TMS brings structure to chaotic manual operations that trouble small to mid-size carrier operations,” said Ravi Ahuja, Founder of Axele…

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Sign war

Join the Trucking Sign War – You Could Win $100!

A “sign war” erupted in Christiansburg, Virginia recently and entertained the nation with the humorous signs posted by various businesses.
All of the sign combat has inspired us to ask: What’s the funniest sign you’ve seen? Whether you’re on the road as a driver or just traveling on your own, we want to see the funniest sign you’ve encountered. You could win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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Benefits of good TMS software

8 Benefits of Good TMS Software

Wondering what the benefits are of good TMS software?
If you’ve been getting by with a TMS you’ve had forever, or if you think you’re fine with spreadsheets, it’s time to take a good hard look at the benefits of really good TMS software.

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