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Supply Chain’s Trucking Crisis

Fixing the Supply Chain’s Trucking Crisis

Can we fix the supply chain’s trucking crisis in the short term?
It’s tempting to hope that a few key moves will help us get U.S. supply chains back on track. But while unclogging our ports may move trucks around, it will not fix the supply chain’s even bigger woes with trucking capacity.

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Supply chain challenges and opportunities 2022

Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities for Carriers in 2022 [Webinar]

The supply chain has been big news lately, but the challenges are not news to you: the ups and downs of the supply chain, rates and where the most profit can be found are all key to your business.
You’ve rolled with the punches in this very challenging year, but what about 2022? What should you expect, and how do you plan now for success next year?

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fleet driver safety program

How to Create a Fleet Driver Safety Program

If you’re a truckload carrier who is thinking about creating a fleet driver safety program for your truck drivers, here’s some information to get you started.
Also known as a carrier safety plan, trucking plan, or cooperative safety plan (CSP), fleet driver safety programs are relatively straightforward to set up. A CSP is a voluntary structured plan that motor carriers file with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to ensure…

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Verizon Connect Marketplace

Verizon Connect Marketplace Now Features Axele TMS

We’re proud to announce that the Verizon Connect Marketplace now includes our Axele TMS. Axele has been integrated with Verizon for nearly a year, but being listed on the Verizon Connect Marketplace makes it easy for Verizon users to find and get info about the intelligent TMS.

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5G for trucking carriers

5G for Trucking Carriers: Time to Think About Moving

5G for trucking carriers: If you haven’t already, it’s time to think about moving your telematics to the newer networks.
The gradual sunsetting of cellular company support for aging 3G networks means millions of devices must move from 3G to 5G networks as cellular companies transition equipment and support to newer, faster networks.

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Finding the best loads

8 Ways Carriers Are Finding the Best Loads [Free Guide]

How can carriers find the best loads and optimize their profit with leading technology, all while making their drivers happier?
We asked 3 leading experts, who reviewed 8 ways carriers can put knowledge of the market into action, optimize their load board experience, and improve their order-to-cash experience. A new guide details their analysis, including…

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Trucking regulators

[Webinar] What to Expect from Trucking Regulators in 2022

2021 has been a relatively slow year for trucking regulators as they transition from one presidential administration to the next. Will 2022 be the same?
In this webinar, our presenter will review what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has accomplished to date and what we can expect for 2022 and beyond…

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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles: Happy Birthday, George Jetson – Thanks for the Inspiration Part I

Were autonomous vehicles foretold by a 1960s cartoon?
For those who are old enough to remember, the Jetsons animated sitcom was an interesting take on what the future of transportation and life would look like in the year 2062. While in some respects 2062 is still off in the distance, George Jetson himself, aged 40 at the series debut, would have been born in the year 2022, which is just around the corner, and so are autonomous vehicles–or are they?

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Transportation industry trends

Transportation Industry Trends: October 2021

Understanding major transportation industry trends remains essential to developing successful strategies. Here are a few of the significant trends impacting the transportation industry as we head into Q4 2021:
The global dearth of semiconductor chips is still the primary limit to Class 8 vehicle production. Fleets are waiting on new vehicles to meet increasing freight demand across the United States…

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truck drivers are vital to Halloween

How Truck Drivers Are Vital to Halloween

Just as they are with so many other things, truck drivers are vital to Halloween.
Do you know how much candy U.S. consumers buy and consume each year? How about how it’s shipped?
Almost 90 million pounds of candy are sold each year before Halloween!

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