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Best Truck Driver Mobile Apps

Best Truck Driver Mobile Apps

Truck drivers have enough on their plate without being overwhelmed with paperwork, distracting calls or texts, or other random communications that take them away from their primary goal: Trucking.

Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps designed to make trucker drivers’ lives easier (unless otherwise noted, most of the following are free and available via App Store and Google Play):

The Trucker Path app enables multi-day trip planning and mapping and includes helpful reviews from other trucker drivers for over 40,000 truck stops in the United States and Canada. The app also offers real-time information on parking availability, weigh stations, and custom routes designed for truck type and weight so that truckers can avoid low overpasses and bridges. 

The Trucker Tools app features a robust truck stop guide that helps with pre-planning stops and finding what’s nearby while en route. It also identifies rest areas, weigh stations, parking, truck washes, and even Walmart locations.

As truckers know first-hand, accidents, road construction, and traffic jams mean it’s advantageous to have traffic updates. The Waze app sends alerts for traffic, police, and hazards and estimates and updates ETA while en route.

Another app–Weigh My Truck from CAT Scale Company—lets drivers use their phones to locate the CAT scale they’ve arrived at, automatically weigh their truck, and pay with a smartphone. The app also emails a PDF receipt of the ticket and weight information.

In addition, the Drivewyze app detects weigh stations and inspection sites across North America, sending a bypass request to let drivers know if they need to pull into the site or may keep moving. This app starts with a 30-day free trial and is a subscription model after that.

The GasBuddy app shows fuel stations and gas prices across the country for drivers seeking fuel, enabling drivers to compare costs. The app includes a trip cost calculator, station outage tracker, gas price map, and log to track fuel purchases.  

Drivers can also rely on The Weather Channel’s mobile app to determine driving conditions and ETA, using radars and forecasts. 

For drivers who want to stay healthy, apps like My Fitness Pal can track meals and activities and provide nutritional insights to plan future meals or make healthier choices when ordering out. Another free health and wellness app–Rolling Strong—is designed specifically for professional truck drivers and offers on-demand wellness coaching and guided workout routines for the days they are on the road. A subscription to this app costs $4.99/month.

The iExit app is specifically designed for professional truck drivers, sharing information on upcoming exits that are most truck-friendly and avoidable. The app also features diesel prices, dealer locations, repair service centers, and more.

Another unique app—Spotify—lets drivers listen to music or podcasts via free and paid versions. Spotify builds personalized daily mixes and discovery playlists based on a driver’s listening history.

Lastly, the Axele Mobile app lets drivers access their truck routes on the map and improve the quality of customer service by reviewing accurate ETAs for each load stop. All the vital information drivers need—from payments of past loads, shipper/consignee contacts, and more–ensures drivers reduce the risk of missing critical documents and improve invoicing and driver settlement workflows. Drivers can upload critical load documents–such as bill of lading and proof of delivery, which users can instantly view in the Axele TMS—as well as pictures of loads and additional documents for any accessorial charges. They can also manage their preferences for a sleeper berth, preferred truck stops, and states to avoid—information that’s all used to calculate their trip plans. Drivers input their time-off directly into the app for easy consideration in load planning. Automated Track and Trace lets the main office track load and driver locations in real-time through GPS.

Be more efficient and increase profits daily with the Axele Mobile app. Axele is a one-stop-shop to run your business, automate day-to-day operations and optimize load planning to increase profits and grow your business. The Axele Mobile app improves truck driver productivity and efficiencies, so trucks spend more time driving.

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