Axele TMS Software for Carriers Speeds Results

There are many innovative technologies that provide truckers with value. For example, a transportation management system (TMS)—especially TMS software for carriers–is consistently one of the best tools for streamlining the transportation within the supply chain.

A TMS serves as a logistics management “hub.” It handles route planning and optimization, freight audit and payment, asset visibility, and other critical functionalities. TMS software for carriers supports fast, flexible, and secure services that increase consumer satisfaction.

Once costly and often hosted on-site, TMSs now work in the Cloud. Rapid access to data boosts real-time data sharing, digitalization of transportation processes, more agile delivery services, and more effective collaboration between shippers, carriers, brokers, and end customers.

Higher TMS adoption empowers companies to save 8% in transportation costs, according to the “TMS Market Research Study,” published by ARC Advisory Group, reports Logistics Management.

Why turn to Axele TMS software for carriers
Many small- and mid-sized carriers lack the inboard tracking units and back-office technology to deliver real-time visibility to shippers, leading to lost loads, inefficiency, and confusion.

But if you’re a small- or mid-sized carrier, a feature-rich Axele TMS software for carriers with enterprise TMS features and data analytics benefits you in several crucial ways.

First, experts designed the Axele TMS so you can connect to all systems, from load boards to accounting systems and ELDs, as well as track and trace loads, improve shipment visibility, and automate manual processes to minimize data entry

Regarding driver satisfaction and retention, you’ll benefit from using “smart tracking” to keep on top of drivers’ schedules and your fleet and its performance. You can send load assignment alerts directly to drivers and remove unnecessary texts, calls, and emails. The Axele TMS lets you easily share rate confirmation, pickup and delivery addresses and appointment times, and additional notes. Drivers can view all current and future loads assigned and instantly receive notifications of any changes to load assignments. Load optimization ensures you find the most profitable load based on driver preferences and hours of service (HOS). You’ll also be able to select the best loads based on weight and size and choose the right specialized operators.

When it comes to simplifying life,centralized load management and a single dashboard are a boon for busy dispatchers or owners, who must often watch dozens of dashboards while fielding incoming phone calls. With the Axele TMS, you can quickly see what needs attention—from mechanical repairs to ensuring drivers don’t run out of hours to following dispatch destinations, invoicing, payroll, maintenance, routing, and dispatching. By integrating load data from multiple load boards, the dashboard lets your dispatchers find ideal loads, see more options, and sign on for more profitable loads for every driver. You can also maximize pricing for high-demand lanes and find loads to eliminate deadhead miles and avoid lane imbalances.

How two Axele customers speed operations with Axele TMS software for carriers
Here’s how two Axele customers use Axele TMS to manage their businesses:

  • Truckload carrier and broker Armor Freight needed to either upgrade their technology or hire more staff to keep up with daily tasks and tedious data entry. Company personnel found other TMSs hard to navigate and adjust to their ways of doing business. They chose the Axele TMS software for carriers because it was “very smooth, very self-explanatory, easy,” getting load creation down to about two minutes and helping ensure they grow their business in the years to come.
  • Startup hotshot trucking company, South Coast Carriers, wanted an easy-to-use, robust TMS to support their growth, which is dependent on how fast drivers can get and relay back complete load information. Personnel found Axele TMS intuitive and took advantage of Axele’s handy tutorials and guided set up calls. Axele proved “the right TMS” to scale the business and find the most profitable loads.

Ready to start your journey to finding the best TMS software for carriers? If you’re using Verizon, there’s more good news: Axele is a partner with Verizon Connect Marketplace, so you can integrate driver HOS data directly from Verizon Connect to find the right load for the driver and the right driver for the load considering the available HOS, driver preferences, load profitability, and more. The Axele TMS is purpose-built for truckload carriers to help them manage their transportation processes in an automated fashion. Carriers work quicker through the Axele TMS to settle accounts, manage documentation, and pay drivers. Contact Axele today.

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