Axele ROI

Axele is easy to use, affordable, and built for speed. You may sign up because it's pretty, but you'll stay because it pays.

Unlock your true value

An example of a recent customer load profitability analysis showed significant improvements with Axele.

KPIs Before Axele Axele-Logo-2020-Two-Color-Light-1.png Difference
Avg Driver Miles per Day 407 mi 451 mi 44 mi
Avg Revenue per Driver per Day $818 $1,004 $186
Avg EBIT per Driver per Day $134 $269 $135
Avg Revenue per Total Mile $2.01 $2.23 10.9%
Avg Deadhead Miles per Load 115 mi 113 mi 2%
Avg Cargo Miles per Load 484 mi 546 mi 12.8%



“I used to get two to three calls per day per customer. Now, when I send them the Axele link, they only call when the load is picked up to verify count or serial number.”

— Carlos, Joined as One, LLC


“Quickbooks integration is reducing our time to bill.”

— Amanda, Quality Transport


“Axele automatically populates the best rates and the best profitability margin.”

— Marco, Success Logistics


“I’m saving about 11 hours per week creating loads.”

— Sami Deschamps, South Coast Carriers

Driving Results

In recent years, truckload carriers have been dealt several blows that hinder profitability. Learn what’s killing independent trucking and what can save it.

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