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Better data visibility

A TMS with Better Data Visibility

Amanda Schuier knew she wanted a TMS with better data visibility when she came to Quality Transport Company.

Founded in 1993, Quality Transport Company is a local, regional and over-the-road dry van carrier based in Freeport, IL.

Better data visibility

When Amanda joined Quality Transport, she set out to analyze the carrier’s technology use and improve efficiencies. One of Schuier’s top goals was to be able to see at-a-glance how the company was progressing against revenue goals.

“Before, we would have to run reports and calculate data to see how we were doing,” Schuier said.  “The Axele heads-up dashboard is like a daily temperature check of how we’re doing.  ‘Hey, we’re 75% of our revenue goal for the week.  How are we going to get to 100%?’”

Axele with QuickBooks = A TMS with Better Data Visibility

Axele’s QuickBooks interface provides additional visibility that she didn’t have before. 

“My accounting person and I can work together remotely.  He has visibility to what I’m doing, and vice versa, and that gives Quality’s leadership immediate visibility to the data we need,” Schuier said.

“There were certain things I needed from a new TMS; the second I saw Axele, I knew it was what I wanted.”

Even though carriers like Quality Transport have the same responsibilities as large fleets – freight sales, human resources, dispatch, operations, safety, etc.– Schuier found that the TMS marketplace was stacked against her.

“I’ve been in the industry since 2006, and started on the carrier side of things in 2015, after having previously been involved at the service dealer and aftermarket parts level,” Schuier said. 

“Prior to joining QTC, I came from a fleet with more trucks that had sophisticated TMS and ELD systems. When I switched to Quality, I discovered many TMS providers don’t put a lot of emphasis on smaller fleets, which doesn’t make sense, since we’re a huge part of the industry.”

One reason for choosing Axele was its cloud architecture.  “We had a license-based TMS before, and having access to our data whenever I need it is critical to a growing fleet operation.”

Read Amanda’s full story in this new case study.

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