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9 Ways a Transportation Management System Can Help You

9 Ways a Transportation Management System Can Help You

There are more than 9 ways a transportation management system can help you, but let’s focus on some of the key benefits. In our latest infographic you’ll see the top 9, including:

1. Find the best loads

9 Ways a Transportation Management System Can Help You

With the right TMS that’s integrated with your load boards, you can find the most profitable loads quickly—before they’re gone.

“I can see what the driver has done, what he’s averaged, what he’s lost, and what he’s gained. If your deadhead is getting too high, it tells you.”

− Carlos Waldo, Joined As One, LLC

2. Choose the right driver for your load

A TMS that’s integrated with your ELD will help you find the right driver for each load based on Hours of Service and on the driver’s preferences for time at home, destinations, etc.

“I’m saving about 11 hours a week creating loads.”

− Sami Deschamps, South Coast Carriers

3. Make realistic, profitable trip planning easy

Easily develop trip plans that include pre-trip inspection, Hours of Service limitations, and more—with the right TMS.

“Axele automatically populates the best rates and the best profitability margin.”

− Marco Harris, Success Logistics

4. Streamline invoicing

When all of your documentation and load details are in one system, you can invoice faster and with fewer headaches.

“Driver upload of documents means I can bill within hours of delivery and shorten our time to receive payment.“

− Amanda Schuier, Quality Transport Company

5. Reduce customer calls

Keep your customers happy while reducing your check calls by providing live tracking links that your drivers can easily keep current with pick up and delivery times.

“Having all the information in real time and in one place also means I can share the status of the trip with brokers through a quick link.”

− Djordje Savija, Koom Transport

6. Simplify driver settlements

Drivers love a mobile app that tells them exactly what they’re being paid for each load, with all the details.

“When it comes to getting payroll in, it’s been so much easier with Axele.”

− Ginger Booker, Ridez by Journey

Want to see all 9 ways a transportation management system can help you? Check out our new infographic.

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