6 Ways Carriers are Finding the Best Loads

A transportation management system, or TMS software, is a specialized software that works in the planning, execution, as well as optimization of the transportation of goods for carriers. Basically, with TMS software, the users get the aid to conduct the following basic yet one of the more imperative tasks while looking for the best loads for your carriers:

  • It helps the users to collect and see the prices of various load boards in the market and then choose the best one for themselves.
  • It makes booking desired loads for the desired carriers easier and hassle-free.
  • It gives the users a lot of transparency and makes it much easier to keep a tab on transportation and deliveries.

A TMS software is a technological boon for the carriers and thus, an essential for the supply chains. A TMS software not only helps carriers plan their resources efficiently but does it in a seamless manner that is cost-efficient as well. Customer satisfaction is maximized through complete transparency, speed and flexibility to personal convenience.

But how are carriers finding the best loads? And how do carriers optimize their profit with TMS software all while making their drivers happier? We decided to ask leading experts on the matter to put their knowledge into action and refine their tips into this guide.

Factors Contributing to Find The Best Loads Using TMS Software

  1. Types of Load: Refrigerated loads are imperative to various industries and make up a significant amount of the overall loads managed by the TMS software. Also, such loads are higher paying compared to others given the nature of sensitivity in controlling the temperature. The foods and beverages industry along with pharmaceuticals use sensitive temperatures for transportation. A TMS software gives all information regarding the factors you need to be concerned about and their respective costs.
  2. Size And Weight of a Truck Load: Another important factor for load selection is the weight and size of every cargo. TMS software gives you all this information to help make a rational, detailed and informed decision. Heavy hauls usually require specialized operators, which can be easily seen and managed with good TMS software.
  3. Load Boards Integration to the Rescue: You can see integrated loads from multiple load boards on one single screen. This makes it easy for dispatchers because they don’t have to bounce here and there to find ideal loads, getting them all in one place. Also, it gives fleets the ability to see more loads and has more options to choose from. More options mean better and more profitable loads for every driver.
  4. Reduce Friction for the Drivers: More drivers means access to more lanes, customers, and better options for load selection. Technological advancements like the TMS software helps make it easier for truck drivers to perform their job and create happier drivers in the long run. Happy drivers mean better performance and output, less mistakes, and satisfied customers.
  5. Take Care of Lane Imbalances and Lack of Capacity: Lane imbalances and lack of capacity are important factors. They drive spot rates up as we have seen during the pandemic. For those who aren’t aware, lane balance is the number of loads into verses out of a market. Any disbalance or uncoupling of these pushes drivers to drive deadhead miles, which ultimately raises costs due to trucks running empty. With TMS software, carriers can access critical data that are used to maximize pricing for high-demand lanes while making it easier to find loads that can eliminate deadhead miles.
  6. Optimize Your Load Board Experience: Great dispatchers know there are certain techniques that help carriers find the best loads the fastest. Some of the most common ones are:
    1. Looking load boards up online in advance – Try to book loads as far in advance as possible. If you need a load on the same day or the next day, you will be stuck taking what you can. If you plan in advance you will have many more options to choose from.
    2. Advertise – At first, it may be difficult to find recurring customers or predictable loads. The best way to overcome this is to promote your business. Most load boards make this easy by offering a way for carriers to advertise their services to prospective 3PLs and shippers. It may seem pricey at first, but it will more than pay for itself over time.
    3. Set load board alerts – Every dispatcher knows that finding great loads is one thing, but booking them is another. because everyone wants them, the loads might be gone by the time you try to book. Getting to the deals first is critical and this is why setting up alerts is so important. Check and modify these weekly or even daily to make sure you stay ahead of your competition.

You can see averages for specific lanes for longer periods which give information on origins, availability, destinations, miles and hours that the respective drivers drive for, origin, payments and costs, etc. Through TMS software all this is easily accessible to find the best-suited loads for you. Axele is DAT’s preferred carrier TMS as it is integrated with the DAT Load Board, allowing pull-in of loads and search efficiently. Axele is a one-stop-shop to run the business— through thorough automation of day-to-day manual tasks. Axele TMS is both time and cost-efficient and generates better profits than you ever could fathom!

Why Should You Choose Axele TMS?

Axele TMS literally saves you ‘truckloads of time’ while browsing through the cargos that are best suited to carry your loads. With Axele TMS, you can find all the relevant information about cargo size, details, truckers’ details, delivery and origin details, date and time of delivery, etc. How?

  • CONNECTED TMS: Axele is connected to load boards, ELDs, market rates, accounting systems and almost everything any business requires to perform their trucking business smoothly.
  • AUTOMATED TMS: Axele helps you automate even everyday mundane tasks like customer invoicing, settlements with drivers, and document management. All this can help you find your best loads to help your business work with great ease and efficiency.
  • OPTIMIZED TMS: Axele uses HOS, driver preferences, and load profitability to reduce deadheads and fill your schedule with the loads that give the ideal load knowledge you look for in your carriers.

So, if you’re getting all that you’ve wanted to make your business run smoothly and efficiently, why not go for it right away!

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