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Top Supply Chain Projects Award

2021 Top Supply Chain Projects: Axele Receives SDCE Award

Supply & Demand Chain Executive announced today that it has selected Axele as a recipient of the Top Supply Chain Projects Award for 2021.

The Top Supply Chain Projects (formerly known as SDCE 100) spotlights successful and innovative transformation projects that deliver bottom-line value to small, medium and large enterprises across a range of supply chain functions. These projects show how supply chain solution and service providers help their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence and prepare their supply chains for success.

“The supply chain industry has been challenged with a host of supply chain disruptions over the last year. Yet, the winners on this list continued to re-tool and innovate,” says Marina Mayer, editor for Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. “Whether it be moving a customer to a cloud-based solution or implementing a more sustainable shipping option, these top supply chain projects reflect the supply chain industry’s strength and resilience to overcome disruptions and work better, smarter and more efficiently in the years ahead.”

Top Supply Chain Projects award-winning project

The award-winning project is a collaboration between 4 parties – Axele TMS, the transportation management system provider; Apex Capital, the factoring service provider, Owner Operators Cooperative (OOC ), and OOC’s network of Owner Operators who reap the benefit of this project. Axele did the OOC project at no cost to them because Axele believed in the value that other customers could receive.

Owner Operators Cooperative (OOC) is designed for truckers that want to succeed in business. Instead of working as a single owner-operator, members get the advantage of a cooperative of similar companies with the same issues and challenges. OOC provides dispatch services, back office, billing, insurance, fuel cards, rentals, and more to owner-operator truckers.

Axele TMS is an intelligent transportation management system for small to medium TL carriers, a segment of the transport market often left behind. Axele automates manual, day-to-day processes like customer invoicing, driver settlement, and document management. The Axele TMS combines AI with human intelligence from decades of experience in the trucking industry to deliver a cloud-based, easy-to-use, one-stop solution, unlike any existing product. Axele TMS provides many of the features found in enterprise TMS for free or at a lower cost.

Axele and OOC help owner-operators find loads

OOC implemented Axele TMS so that coop members don’t have to find their own loads, and instead, OOC finds loads for truckers. Trucks can self-dispatch and keep 100% of the load. Axele connects to Load Boards and Market Rates to find loads. The TMS uses Hours of Service, driver preferences, and load profitability to eliminate deadheads and fill the Owner-Operator’s schedules with loads that make the most money.

Axele developed an API to integrate with Apex for factoring. Apex Capital helps trucking companies and fleets improve cash flow by streamlining invoicing and driver settlement. With Apex Factoring, carriers compile all their invoices in documents received from drivers to invoice the customer. Instead of manually taking the documents to the back office to upload, with the Axele API connection between the TMS and Apex Portal, invoices are auto-created in the portal. The documents are entered once, saving administrative time and eliminating errors. Using Apex Factoring, the carriers get paid immediately instead of waiting to get paid by the freight broker or shipper.

OOC significantly reduces time spent invoicing

Previously, OOC was spending 6 – 8 hours a week to create invoices and attach documents manually. After implementing the API connection between Axele TMS and the Apex Portal, OOC is now saving 4 to 5 hours out of the six spent creating invoices.

OOC has eliminated the need for double-entry of documents as they can be downloaded immediately from the driver’s Axele TMS mobile app. This not only saves time but minimizes data entry errors that can occur with manual entries.

OOC is saving lots of time through the integration of Axele and Apex. This implementation has streamlined operations for small trucking firms, which are getting paid much faster than before. This improves cash flow for owner-operators and helps them to grow their business.

Want these improvements for your business? Try Axele free today for 30 days.

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