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Carrier Profitability

[Webinar] 2021 Carrier Profitability: Using Data to Improve

What can data tell us about how to improve 2021 carrier profitability in the second half of the year? Plenty, as we look at key indicators including mileage trends, revenue per mile, and more.

Join expert Todd Amen of ATBS as he shares data from more than 20,000 carriers that tells the story of where the industry is going. You’ll hear:

  • How is revenue per mile trending for categories including dry van, flatbed, reefer and others?
  • How did mileage trend from 2019 to 2020?
  • When are carriers making breakeven or more, and when are they falling short?
  • How are expenses such as maintenance and truck payments trending?
  • And much more

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Carrier profitability and breakeven

For an example of the type of great information Todd shares, here’s data he shared in a recent talk:

“If I’m going to run for a motor carrier, my life’s relatively easy as far as booking loads, collecting freight, insurance, all those things. If I’m going to go do this on my own it costs me a lot more money and a lot more effort, right? I’ve got to get my own trailer, I’ve got to have my own liability insurance and so that breakeven jumped up the last few years because the liability insurance costs have gone up tremendously. So we see the breakeven right at about 50 cents right now. So you can see through time how in 2014/2015, after the Great Recession, we were above the breakeven line and then for sure, 2018, which was a great market, we were above the breakeven and then a little bit above the breakeven last year.”

About Your Speaker

Todd Amen, ATBS

Todd Amen

President & CEO


Todd Amen is the Founder of ATBS, specializing in Owner Operator business consulting, benchmarking, tax/tax resolution and bookkeeping services. ATBS is the largest business services organization serving Owner Operators in the trucking industry since 1998, and has given assistance to over 150,000 owner operators in its 23-year history.

Prior to ATBS, Todd was Co-President of Trans-Western Express, LTD. (TWX), a family-owned truck line operating in both the United States and Canada. In addition to his work with ATBS, Amen is a recognized speaker and leader in transportation and finance and is also on the Board of Directors of the Truckload Carriers Association. Todd is a graduate of Colorado State University, with a B.S. in Finance.

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